Author, Chef, and Winery Join Together for Showcase Event

by Joe David / Jan 17, 2010 / 1 comments

Author Joe David and Cooking School Chef Jill Prescott Join Together at the Annual Virginia Wine Showcase

WARRENTON, VA -- Mastering the correct cooking techniques is what makes good cooking possible. Author Joe David and Cooking School Chef Jill Prescott will join together at the annual Virginia Wine Showcase on Saturday February 6th and Sunday February 7th at the Dulles Expo and Convention Center to acquaint visitors with a few techniques for turning an ordinary meal into something extraordinary.

According to Gourmet Getaways author Joe David, “Noteworthy success in the kitchen is never achieved by adding a secret ingredient to a meal. It only occurs after years of studying and reproducing subtle and even mysterious flavors learned from time-honored cooking traditions passed on from generation to generation. To Chef Jill Prescott,” he adds significantly, “this means cooking the French way by learning essential techniques.”

David, who is the author of Gourmet Getaways, will provide some background to the lively informational cooking class, which Former PBS Chef Prescott will provide. Guests will have the opportunity to sample her rich and silky smooth mushroom soup made with a base of white button mushrooms, homemade chicken stock and organic cream garnished with sautéed shiitake mushrooms. 

Fabbiolli Cellars, Leesburg, VA, will provide a suitable wine to pair with the soup. A small, family owned and operated vineyard and winery, the Fabbioli Cellars winemaker will discuss vineyards wines and what he thinks is an appropriate wine to go with the mushroom soup.

The Annual Virginia Wine Showcase ( is affectionately dubbed “that lifestyle of the rich & famous expo” by guests who enjoy the  artisan wine, fancy foods, fine arts and really big toys featured in the show. Sponsored by The Farm Wineries Council, the Showcase is one of five signature epicurean events each year that the council sponsors in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, featuring hard-to-find artisan wines, fancy foods, fine art, gourmet products, culinary seminars and other “finer things in life” products.

Jill Prescott

Former PBS Cooking Hostess Jill Prescott (the founder of Ecole de Cuisine, Asheville, NC) will introduce you to what she learned in Paris. Trained in France, once personal friend to Julia Child, Jill has learned from the best and honed her skills the old-fashion way, studying at three of France’s most prestigious schools (Ecole Lenôtre, Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne, and Ecole de Gastronomie Française Ritz Escoffier). The reward for her years of dedication has resulted in her mastering professional cooking techniques that she can easily translate to the home kitchen.

Joe David

Author and Gourmand Joe David (Warrenton, VA) who will introduce Ms. Prescott will be available to autograph his book Gourmet Getaways, a collection of cooking schools, chefs, and romantic U.S. getaways near your home. To write the book, the author spent over a year, traveling the U.S. interviewing chefs and acquainting himself with popular resorts and cooking schools. Some of America’s hottest chefs (and their recipes) are featured in the book, including John Ash, Joanne Weir, Jill Prescott, and Patrick O’Connell.  Joe David is the author of five books and numerous magazine and newspaper articles.

Fabbiolli Cellars

Fabbioli Cellars is a small, family owned and operated vineyard and winery that focuses on growing and making high-quality red wines using traditional methods and 21st century knowledge. The winery defines its business and its greater mission by remaining true to the three “E”s: environment (develop sustainable agriculture methods), education (on-going staff-training, wine-education programs), and economics (encouraging growth and prosperity in healthy balance with the immediate environment).

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