Canadian Food Celebration on 1 August

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Jul 26, 2009 / 1 comments

Coming up this Saturday, 1 August, it’s Flavours of Canada Day, also known asThe World’s Longest Barbecue.

According to the web site at

“Anita Stewart's Flavours of Canada™ is the brand that author and culinary activist Anita Stewart created in order to launch The World's Longest Barbecue which in turn is expanding this year into Food Day Canada, a coast to coast to coast celebration of great regional foods.

"Why? No other such day exists. By grilling Canadian food you're helping to establish a real food day for Canada. It is a unique and ultimately Canadian grass roots celebration of Canada’s agricultural bounty and a wonderful way to share our food stories with each other across the nation."

The web site authors point out that you do not have to be Canadian or live in Canada to join in the celebration. “Celebrate with us anyway and post your rendition of a Canadian summer meal,” they invite. At the web site you may read others' food stories and recipes, post your own, and check out local events.


If you’re looking for a great recipe -- and an amusing aside about the event -- to get you started, here’s one from Charmian Christie at Christie’s Corner


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