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My mom just got back from a trip to Greece for three weeks this summer, visiting my aunt.  She came back and we've been eating such delicious foods since then - Greek salad, bougatsa...

So naturally, I turned to the internet to find more Greek recipes. I found THE BEST Greek food blog, and wanted to share it with you! It is called Kalofagas: Greek food and beyond, and is created by Peter Minakis. Stuffed with gorgeous photos and recipes, it is truly a treasure. I wanted to share Kalofagas with you, and contacted Peter for more information. He was kind enough to share more about his site with us - here's what he had to say...

Please tell us about your site, Kalofagas: Greek food and beyond...

My food blog "Kalofagas - Greek Food & Beyond" is an exploration of Greek, Mediterranean and other fabulous international foods that have attracted my attention. Kalofagas in Greek means "good feeder" or gourmand.

I was born & raised in Toronto, Canada to parents of Greek extraction and although I grew up eating Greek food, the multicultural and cosmopolitan city of Toronto has a bounty of international cuisine and I'm fortunate to live here.


 garidomakaronada with ouzo and fresh tomato

garidomakaronada with ouzo and fresh tomato



WE: What led you to create this site?

PM: I created Kalofagas because at the time, I did not see Greek food as I know it being represented well. I also needed an outlet to share my food ideas. My friends and family were being driven nuts by my food mania.

I'm pleased to say there are many quality food blogs out there showcasing Greek food and blogging has me in a comfortable spot surrounded by many food enthusiasts and bloggers like myself.

WE: What is your Greek travel and food philosophy?

PM: I like simple food and travel accomodations but I do expect & insist on quality. Too many people book a 5 star hotel when they are out exploring their current destination and that makes no sense.

As for food, I like the simpler dishes and shy away from anything pretentious or too complicated. Many cooks fail in a dish by trying to be too smart. Stick to quality ingredients and the dish will turn out fabulously.

Finally, when traveling..for God's sakes...go & eat what the locals are eating and eat where the locals are eating. One of the criterion when I pick a travel destination is its' cuisine. I vacation in places with history, culture, and good food and friendly people.


drying octopus

Drying octopus



WE: Is a summer enough time to gather recipes to last you the entire year?

PM:  The summer is never enough time to gather recipes for the entire year but the world is wired much more closely now. I can keep in touch with Greece with the internet, newspapers and magazines, friends send me recipes of note, and let's not forget that I live in Toronto which boasts a Greek population of 150,000! We are but another Greek island...far, far away!

  What sorts of recipes are available on your site?

PM:  I primarly showcase Greek dishes and after that you will see many dishes from cuisines that surround the Mediterranean. Beyond that, there are some American & Canadian classics and I'll throw in the odd Asian dish.

I am also endeavouring to showcase more desserts which is lacking in my blog but I'm working on it.

WE:  What do you enjoy most about Greek food?

PM:  Greek food triggers childhood memories, memories of previous trips to Greece, memorable meals with family & friends. Greek food is very diverse and it usually doesn't involve too many ingredients. Greeks are passionate about food and non-Greeks will think that we argue a lot but it's passionate debate, be it politics, society, or the approach of a classic Greek dish.

Good ingredients speaking for themslves.


Calamari souvlaki

Calamari souvlaki



WE:  Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

Next time you're out at a Greek restaurant, go beyond ordering the souvlaki and roasted potatoes. We do love that but Greek food is so more than that. Ask for the special of the day or if there's something on the menu that Greeks would eat at home.

Finally, if you're going to try a new dish, seek recipes from Greek sources like books written by Greeks or people who have at least studied & have a grasp of Greek cooking.

Visit one of the several Greek food blogs out there. We all have different takes on Greek food but that's what makes Greek food special.

Thanks so much, Peter! Every time I go to your site, I end up in the kitchen right away. Thanks for enhancing our meals!

To check out Peter's site, please see: http://kalofagas.blogspot.com/


Photos courtesy and copyright of Peter Minakis.

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