Foodie Finds: Best Greek Restaurant in Coldwater, Michigan

by Ed Forteau /
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Apr 06, 2009 / 0 comments

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One of the joys of traveling by car is finding new, local restaurants to try.  Sometimes we're greatly disappointed, and sometimes we're reduced to either fast food or a quickly thrown together (at the grocery store) attempt at a picnic.  It can all seem the same, can't it?

Recently we were heading up Highway 69, from Indiana into Michigan, and our stomachs were growling. Pulling into Coldwater, Michigan, we remembered a great treat from the usual chain restaurants! Our foodie finds  today features Mr. Gyros, in Coldwater, Michigan.

From an unassuming storefront only a block or two from the highway, you'd be hard-pressed to know the delicious food located within.  Owned by a Greek transplant from Chicago, the menu is as eclectic as he is. The menu includes such Chicago delicacies as Italian sausage with onions and giardiniera, Italian beef with sweet or hot peppers and cheese, a Chicago style hot dog, chili dog, and  Polish sausage with grilled onions, pickles, and green peppers. There are a plethora of fried sides, including jalapeno poppers, fries, and more.

The Greek half of the menu inspires, as well - some of the best Gyros I've ever had - the pita is grilled and hot, and the meat is hot, juicy, and piled on. The Gyro sauce is thick and delicious. There is Spinach Pie, Greek Salad, and more.  I have to admit that I never have had room for the Baklava.

The walk-up counter is loaded with condiments, and the tables (and bathrooms) are clean. The prices are extremely reasonable, and the owner does everything he can to make your meal enjoyable - try it!

Mr. Gyros
577 E. Chicago Street
Coldwater, MI

Takeout available.