Foodie Finds: Memories Old and New at El Az

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May 05, 2010 / 2 comments

When I was first starting my undergraduate degree at Michigan State University, I followed the crowds on Sunday nights (when the dorm caf was closed) to El Azteco (nicknamed El Az). They were located down in the basement, under the Riv. You'd head down the dark, dimly lit stairs and find this place out of time - complete with hanging lamps that looked like they were plastered with jello squares. But the food - Amazingly delicious, and cheap. I've eaten there hundreds of times.


El Azteco


Somewhere along the line, they moved across the street to a (gasp!) above-ground location. They've got a great rooftop dining area, and the same high-quality Mexican food. They've also got the loudest restaurant I've ever been to - don't plan on having great table talk while you're there.


El Az - Topopo Salad


So - great food, reasonable prices, and we created new memories. We ordered the Enormous Topopo salad - chips, beans, cheese, guacamole on the bottom, mounded high with lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, cheese, green onions, and peas. Our daughter gasped when she saw it! It was a hard choice between that and my favorite Enchildas de Jocoque. YUM.

Try to go during a slow time, so you can hear yourself think. And save your appetite - they serve extremely large quantities (the better to share!)...

El Azteco
225 Ann Street
East Lansing, MI



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