Foodie Finds: Michigan's Only Conveyor Sushi

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Sep 30, 2009 / 0 comments

Foodie Finds: Michigan's First and Only Conveyor Sushi (Kaiten-zushi). Note: This restaurant is closed. You can find a NEW (2021!) conveyor sushi restaurant over in Detroit. Read about it here.

Sushi Nara - Conveyor Sushi

I love Sushi. However, living in a small town in Mid-Michigan precludes us from enjoying it much. We recently were in Ann Arbor and found Michigan's first and Only Conveyor Sushi! Do you know Conveyor sushi? It is so much fun. When I lived in Japan many years ago, we used to go to conveyor sushi for lunch. You can choose the sushi you'd like, as it goes by your table, on a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is refreshed by the sushi chef in the kitchen. You pay by the plate. I thought it would be fun to share this with our 7-year old daughter - and I was right - she loved it!

Sushi Nara - Michigan Conveyor Sushi

We were lucky enough to come just after the lunch rush, and were able to talk with the owners. Yong Lee and Yonglan Park and their 3 sons moved here from Japan. They are Korean, and are happy to own both Sushi Nara and Sushi Town (in downtown Ann Arbor). They noted that conveyor sushi is very popular in both Japan and in big cities in the US. What is different about Sushi Nara is the price - instead of each plate being a different cost ($2, $5, $7) like at other conveyor sushi restaurants, Sushi Nara offers a flat rate of $2.50 a plate. DEAL! The sushi was Delicious and creative.

Sushi Nara - Michigan Conveyor Sushi

Did you know that sushi came from China, North Korea, and Japan? I didn't know that! And, in the U.S., 85% of sushi restaurants are Korean-owned? Another interesting fact!

Yong Lee told us that he had originally gotten his college degree in Biology. He worked in that field for a while, but was called to food! He attended a Food Academy in Korea (a school for sushi), and then worked at a hotel. When he and his family moved to Japan, he learned more about the art of sushi-making. Then they moved to Ann Arbor - and we are so glad he did.

Sushi Nara - Michigan Conveyor Sushi

The food? Delicious! We also tried a soup (tempura udon) which was exquisite. The restaurant was beautifully decorated and very calm and welcoming.

We highly recommend Sushi Nara - not only for their sushi (both conveyor and off the menu), but for their delicious soups and entrees.

Sushi Nara - Michigan Conveyor Sushi


Domo arigato, Sushi Nara! Oishii!


Sushi Nara - Michigan Conveyor Sushi

Sushi Nara is located just east of Ann Arbor, at 4037 Carpenter Road in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  You can call ahead at 734-477-7400.


Note: This article was oroginally published in 2009, and updated in 2021.