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Women’s Human Right to Education in Afghanistan

by Olivia Fraser /
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Oct 01, 2021 / 0 comments

On 30th August 2021, the US military departed from Afghanistan, ending a 20-year occupation, which led to the ongoing Taliban takeover. As the current events in Kabul continue to unfold, the reality of the impact of women’s human rights in Afghanistan becomes more of a threat as each day passes. 

Women’s Human Right to Education in Afghanistan

Linking Human Rights and Climate Change

by Sarah Carter /
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Sep 21, 2021 / 0 comments

Whether you think you are or not, everyone is affected by climate change. The climate crisis urgently needs individual and international attention.Human beings are the primary cause of the situation that we are currently in, and all humans are suffering the consequences of our collective actions.

Linking Human Rights and Climate Change

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Global Citizenship Education in Nicaragua with Nobis

It’s a bit bizarre when I turn on the television and see Nicaraguans outraged, chanting, marching, hiding their identities in a revolutionary stance. The images on the screen don’t align with my personal images of home cooked meals, family run farms, and revolution on a quieter level, but that was 2017 and this is now… 

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Want to Volunteer Abroad? Read this first…

The many ways that volunteering abroad can be harmful are being exposed in the media with increasing frequency.

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Water

by Stacey Ebert /
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May 01, 2017 / 0 comments

Water. At some point in social studies classes, we stop learning about water and start learning about economics, history, and even a bit of geography. Water winds up reserved for science experiments and sips from the drinking fountain down the hallway. I never really understood why. Humans and the earth are made mostly of water. We need to drink it to survive, and the land needs it to thrive.

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Mass Incarceration in the Land of the Free

Are Americans inherently conditioned to be criminals? Are we raised to wreak havoc on our communities by breaking the laws that are in place to protect us? My short answer is no. However, when looking at statistics, it is alarming that America is known as the world’s prime jailer. “Representing just 5 percent of the world’s population, we now hold 25 percent of its inmates. The “tough on crime” politics of the 1980s and 1990s fueled an explosion in incarceration rates.

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5 Volunteer Projects Abroad that You’ll Love

In recent years, the concept of voluntourism has been popular all over the world, as it has so many benefits. In its simplest sense, it is a combination of volunteering and traveling. You go on a vacation not just to explore the beauty of certain destination, but to also share your efforts and do good deeds for the local community.

Interested in trying it? Below are five of the places where you can do this.

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Traveling Volunteer Groups Receive Free Overnights in January and February

Quite possibly, volunteering while traveling is the most rewarding way to experience a destination. It’s an immersion into the local culture with a lasting social impact. For students, it opens their minds and their hearts, introduces them to privilege and empathy, and can ignite a new passion. Hostelling International USA (HI USA) recognizes this potential and doesn’t believe cost should get in the way.

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Emerging markets: Opportunities to boost your career

When you want to give your career a boost, you are not limited to your own country. In fact, many people now look at the job market in other countries, because this can open up opportunities that are just not available at home. While Western countries have long been held up as the ultimate destinations for those who want to build a career, the emerging economies in the East should not be ignored.

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Water Charity Isn’t Working: How You Can Help

Water Charity Isn’t Working: How You Can Help - A perspective from a “Water Charity”

It’s pretty sexy these days to rally around the clean water for all movement. There has been a lot of money invested in marketing and “awareness.”