Experience Foreign Culture at Home

by ARoadRetraveled / Jan 27, 2009 /
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Traveling abroad for a taste of foreign culture is a daunting notion for many who are unable to travel abroad for various personal reasons.   The good news is that in this cultural melting pot country that we live in, often you don’t have to travel far at all for a taste of a different culture.  Best part is you don’t need a passport, fret over connecting flights, endure hours at customs, while all along unable to bring a wiener schnitzel home with you. Whether in Little Italy, China Town, or an Oktoberfest festivity sponsored by a local German club, you can loose yourself in the authentic flavors, atmosphere, music, and costumes , and still make it home in time for bed.

So if you’re dying to put on a pair of lederhosen, drink German beer from a stein, and eat some real German food prepared by German speaking people…think twice before you break your bank for a trip to Bavaria.  In this episode, I stumbled upon a Bavarian Beer Festival, very much like a mini-Oktoberfest, just down the street from where I was staying in Long Island one weekend.  Did I have a fabulous time? “JA”!!!