How to Teach English as a Foreign Language

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How to Teach English as a Foreign Language


English-language skills are becoming ever more desirable in Germany, and therefore, teachers of the language are needed! While non-native speakers do still teach English in many public schools, in private schools there is a distinct preference for native English speakers, which creates great opportunities for those interested in moving abroad to Germany.

And teaching English as a foreign language doesn't just mean teaching adults; from bilingual kindergartens and grade schools to camps and after-school tutoring, there are a variety of teaching environments to choose from. All of these options, however, can be a bit overwhelming! So below you'll find a video outlining some of the pros and cons of teaching English in Germany for each of the different teaching environments.



For general information on what it's like to be an English teacher in Germany, you can check out the post on Why Teach English as a Foreign Language?



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