Important things to take in consideration while looking for a job abroad

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Feb 22, 2013 / 0 comments

I have got many emails from students that are planning to
study abroad, and most of them have asked the same exact question “Is it hard
to find a job while studying abroad?”  In
this post, I will try to share my experience and information that I have got from
a research made by which gives you some tips and advices to take in
consideration for jobbing abroad.  Remember, when you decide to study abroad, you
should take in consideration your finances, as in some countries, life can be
pretty expensive, especially if you are going to study abroad in USA, Canada,
or Australia.  Let’s get to the point,
what should you take in consideration while looking for a job abroad?


Whether you are from France, or from London, if you want to
find a part time or full time job in Germany, you should have a basic knowledge
of German language.  I am not saying that
in all the positions that you will apply, the German language is a must, but in most of them it is required. It is worth mentioning that Germans are pretty strict
on rules, discipline and behaviors. If you do not know the German language or
the national language of the state you are going to study, it is important to
have a very good knowledge of the English language. English is an international
language and some companies do offer job opportunities for students that have
good communication and writing skills of English.  Language is an important factor for finding a
job. So the first tip is to learn the language.

Part Time – Full Time

The other key thing to take in consideration before looking
for a job abroad is to know exactly what type of job you want, whether you want part time jobsor full time jobs.  As a
student, the best options are the part time jobs, because you will have time to
learn, go out with friends, and also work in a company as a part time employer
to support your study expenses. In Germany, as a student you are not allowed to
work more than fifteen hours per week, basically they allow you to work a part
time job and you can’t work as a full time employer that is a strict rule. You
can’t work legally a full time job in Germany, this rule is only for the first
year of studies, as latter on you can work full time legally.


It is good to find a job that is relevant to the subject
that you are studying. While I was studying Computer Sciences and Databases, I
have worked in different companies as a network engineer, essay writer, and
programmer. These types of part time jobs were related to my subject. I did not
only support myself financially while working, I also gained experience, met
new peoples and created connections with peoples that were closely related to
the industry that I was focused in. So another tip is to find a job that is
relevant to your study subject, as you will gain experience and meet peoples
that are directly related to your future career path.

There are some low important things that I haven’t
mentioned, remember friends and colleagues can also help you find a job abroad.
Talk to students that have studied on the country that you are planning to go,
ask them question, get advices from them, and be friendly with them, as their
experiences can help you a lot. Finding a job abroad can be stressful, but do
not stress yourself if you can’t find a job immediately, while time pass by,
things start to get easy.