Prepping for travel with Little Pim

by Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley /
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Jun 03, 2011 / 0 comments

Whether your family is planning a trip to China or becoming bilingual in French, the Little Pim language series can help your children learn foreing languages.


Developed by  Julia Pimsleur Levine ( who grew up bilingual), the program introduces young children to basic words and phrases in Hebrew, Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, German, Italian, and Russian. We personally own the French and Italian series. When we moved to Italy, we knew Kaya would pick up the language by hearing us speak with the locals, but to immerse her as much as possible, we had her watch Little Pim. 

I grew up semi bilingual, as I lived part of every year in France for 18 years. When I moved to the States, I grew out of thinking in French and began speaking English more. Now that I am a mother, I want to speak French as well as English with my daughter, so having the Little Pim in French has helped me stick with it and prompts me to want to speak it more with her.

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