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May 27, 2008 / 4 comments

Speaking a language requires more than just academic knowledge. Fluency is more than just vocabulary and grammar; it is an acquired skill. It's a skill like driving a car, flying a plane or playing a musical instrument is a skill. There are elements of factual instruction, but it is more than just mental data acquisition.

A lot of businesses in America nowadays require or recommend the ability to speak Spanish, as more Spanish speaking people are living here. There are many courses and programs available, with audio files and software programs being one of the most popular ways to learn the Spanish language.

Rocket Spanish is one of the most famous Spanish courses around. It is especially popular because you can learn Spanish on your own time, kind of like a home school. There are many Spanish courses available, but is Rocket Spanish really the one you should use? It all depends on the kind of online education you are looking for, and what kind of Spanish lessons work best for you.

Learning Spanish should be done with the right tools, and you should be doing research to make sure you choose the right course for you. Some courses cost several hundred dollars, while others are even better and cost less. You should also be thinking about what you want to do with the Spanish you learn - do you want to concentrate more on speaking Spanish, writing Spanish, or a solid combination of both?

Modern interactive-audio language-learning courses start with basic conversation audio lessons. You learn a few basic words and how to use them, and then gradually expand your knowledge, always speaking, listening and interacting. You learn to speak, understand and how to make yourself understood. Rocket Spanish has a series of audio files and lessons, which seem to focus a little more on the ability to speak Spanish more than writing. It is a great course for working on pronunciation because it helps you hear and acquire the proper accent and pronunciation from the course.

Rocket Spanish is a good choice if you want to learn Spanish quickly and effectively. Learning a foreign language from a class or from any other course probably won't get you as far as fast as Rocket Spanish. The most preferred Spanish course is probably Rocket Spanish and for good reason. It provides you with the tools you need so you can speak fluent Spanish the way you want to.



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Comments (4)

  • Dr. Jessie Voigts

    14 years 6 months ago

    Thanks, Ed. Learning Spanish is next on our list...


    Jessie Voigts


  • Ed Forteau

    14 years 6 months ago

    Thanks Jessie.  People who are interested should sign up for the Rocket Spanish 6 Day Spanish Course.  It will give you a great feel for what you will learn if you decide to buy the full course. 

    Ed Forteau Publisher,

  • Bert Maxwell

    14 years 6 months ago

    Ed - I bought Rocket Spanish on your recommendation. I am very happy with it. I had check the Rosetta Stone Spanish course out at the library, and I found Rocket Spanish to be as comprehensive, and it saved me hundreds of dollars. Thanks!

    Bert Maxwell

    Technology Editor,

  • Ed Forteau

    14 years 6 months ago

    No question that Rosetta Stone is the most widely known provider of language learning courses.  They also have the largest selection of programs.  Having said that, Rocket Spanish appears to be the best value for the money for learning to speak Spanish. 

    Ed Forteau Publisher,

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