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One of the best ways to add personality to a room is the use of beautiful Persian wool rugs. Rugs add a lot of glitz and glam for a specific area of the house. It can be a perfect way of setting up the mood and ambience of elegance to a bare space at home.



Rugman's one of a kind, hand knotted rugs are valued heirlooms that add rich culture to your home or office within seconds.


There are a myriad of rugs available in the market. You can use area rugs to accentuate specific areas of your room, such as the living room and bedroom. It can add a cozier ambience which makes your house a little homier.

Oriental rugs can be used if you have an Asian-inspired interior design for your abode. Braided rugs are best for those who would want to emulate a home environment with a rustic yet striking feel.

Through the years, Persian wool rugs have gained much attention from various people since they exude both design and features which have been crafted in the most artistic way possible. Each wool rug emulates a beautiful design which depicts the importance of rugs to the Iranian culture.

Persia is the old name for Iran, and this is the place where most people make their livelihood in creating various artworks related to rugs. Many people greatly appreciate the elegance and one of a kind designs and patterns of these rugs. Persian rugs are fruits of labor and love, since Iranians do make a living out from this work of art. During ancient times, the Iranians were one of the first carpet weavers.

There is more to Persian wool rugs than just being a rug. These rugs are magnificent works of art which are a potpourri of pristine colors and astonishing patterns. This rug-making skill has been perfected over 2,500 years, so who would expect anything less than a masterpiece? Throughout ancient times, the Iranians were one of the first carpet weavers - and this can be seen in the manner that Persian rugs are made. Throughout the centuries, they have used ingenuity and artistry combined with talent to design a carpet which stands out above the rest. If there was an award for excellence in carpets, the Persian rugs would win hands down without a single doubt.

The high quality, value, and elegance of Persian wool rugs were also quickly recognized in other parts of the globe. The vibrant culture and the rich history of these rugs still appears today in the magical designs and patterns which have been passed down from one generation to the other. These days there are many other major cities in Iran that have carpet factories, aside from Tehran, which also happens to be the capital city of this Middle Eastern country.

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    Thanks for sharing this, Aiza. We have a hand-crafter Persian Rug and we all just love it. I appreciate learning more about the cultural heritage behind the rug!


    Jessie Voigts, PhD


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