Restaurant Discounts

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One of the best aspects of traveling is the opportunity to try new cuisines and restaurants.  When we travel, I'm always looking for new restaurants - busy looking for restaurant reviews and figuring out where we should dine! I am also conscious of finding restaurant discounts and stretching our travel budget.

We've found a new partner to help make this process easier for our Wandering Educators. is an excellent site for discovering new restaurants, reading menus, checking maps, and best of all, getting extensive restaurant discounts on meals. There are over 7,000 restaurants nationwide from which to choose!

These Restaurant Discounts Save You Up To 67% provides a database of restaurants providing discounts, searchable by geographic area or zip coode. Participating restaurants offer an extensive discount. You buy a coupon (emailed to you; you then print it out and bring it along) to be used at the restaurant, i.e., a $10 coupon will cost you $3, a $25 coupon will cost you $10, etc..  You can save yourself a great deal of money - you're buying a meal for as little as 30 cents on the dollar. There are minimum spending amounts and some restaurants have blackout dates (Fridays and Saturdays), so read each restaurant's offerings carefully. You can use one coupon per restaurant per month. The range of restaurants is wide - from fine dining to small casual restaurants, and from steak houses to global cuisines.


We've been using for a while now, and are always pleased with both the new restaurants we're discovering, as well as the discounts that save us money.



Disclaimer: We partner with and as such receive a small commission with every order. You know what we do, we buy our OWN gift certificates. So thanks!