Teaching English Abroad

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Teaching English abroad is an awesome way to travel and see the world, and an entry level TESOL qualification is all you need to get started. What a fantastic opportunity to diversify your CV and become immersed in another culture!

Teaching English Abroad

No need to understand the local language

Did you know that if you can speak English, you can teach English? Sounds pretty simple, right? But essentially, this is true. The principles underlying the TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages qualification are based on your innate understanding of the English language, like the slang, jargon, and jokes.

Teaching English in China

China is one of the best overseas destinations to get started teaching English, because all you need is fluency in English and a TESOL qualification. And, you will be paid! In fact the demand for English teachers in China is so high that very often free airfare and free accommodation are included in your teaching contract. The costs of living in China are low, and as most of your expenses covered, teaching in China can be both personally and financially rewarding. And that’s just the start

Not only is China geographically and culturally diverse, it has a long and rich recorded history. Imagine walking the Great Wall, wandering the Forbidden City, or traversing the ancient Silk Road. In your down time, you’ll have the opportunity to travel and experience cultural festivals, amazing foods, and local events.

Work as a Language or Teaching Assistant

But if China isn’t appealing, you can also use your TESOL qualification as a volunteer or in a paid position in a huge range of countries - here are just a few examples:

Volunteer in an Italian High School for a term to work alongside Italian teachers and share English language and culture with students studying English. 

In Mexico, you could teach at a university, language institute, or school across a range of big cities, small towns, and coastal areas.

Teach conversational English classes in Cambodia up to 5 hours per day for a 12 week semester, including 10 days of orientation and workshops.

Vietnam has a booming economy, and the demand for English teachers is increasing. There are definitely opportunities for paid teaching and tutoring positions for TESOL graduates.

While a TESOL qualification is a minimum entry to a paid teaching position overseas, having additional teaching qualifications will also increase the number of paid opportunities open to you. What are you waiting for? Teaching overseas is a fabulous way of experiencing the world while having a meaningful impact on a local community

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Teaching English Abroad