Second semester scholarships for international high school students

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Second semester scholarships for international high school students

I understand many students come to the US each and every year to attend college.  Since that is their goal and with that in mind, it is our view that your students should come for at least the last part of their secondary education here in the US (10, 11 and 12th grades). IT is much easier for the students to apply to college/university while they are HERE than being in India.  While here they have access to the high school counselors, they take the ACT/SAT's here in the 11th and 12th grades (probably much less expensive than abroad), they have better access to each college's/university's info, financial aid offers etc. and upon graduation, it is easier to transition from high school to college/university as the F1 Visa is signed over to the accepting college/university for re-issuance.

With that said one of the private boarding schools I work with has a tremendous offer.

Below are the SPECIFIC requirements:
I believe this is a perfect opportunity for you.  IF you want to take advantage of this opportunity you need to start the process immediately. 

We have 6 partial MERIT scholarships for students at a PRIVATE BOARDING SCHOOL for
THE SPRING SEMESTER - JANUARY - JUNE 2012 - the students must be in the 9th or 10th grades and stay at the school through their graduation - so IF you have some, we can place them now.

The deadline for processing is Monday 17 October 2011.

The name of the school is THE ORME SCHOOL, It is a fully-accredited Co-Ed boarding school, with an approximate student population of 140 students, located in Mayer, Arizona, USA, (situated between FLAGSTAFF and  SCOTTSDALE/PHOENIX) is an EXCELLENT school and has a very good ESL program as well.  If your students are planning to attend college/university here in the states this is a perfect opportunity as Arizona State University (ASU) is only 1 hour away!  Ronald Regan and the famous actor Jimmy Stewart sent their children there!!!  To date, the school has had students from Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Russia, Moldova, the Bahamas, Lithuania, Bosnia, Columbia and Mexico.  As a reminder:

The prospective student must be qualified to enter either grade 9, grade 10 or 11th grade and intend on remaining at the school through graduation.  It is a partial scholarship and therefore there is a cost to each student.  The school normally costs $40,300 per year but the school is offering it for $9,900 for the SPRING SEMESTER and the cost covers tuition, room and board charge for each student.  This does not include the activity fee nor the student's round-trip airfare.

The school will guarantee that your student will be able to continue his or her enrollment under a special reduced cost program with two stipulations: good grades and good behavior must be maintained.

THE PROCESS:    Please fill out the attached application completely and accurately.

Submit the application to me via email - and a $1,000.00 deposit must be wired to:


this will be applied to the total ($9,900.00)      No credit card payments are accepted.

Upon receipt and review of the application for completeness and acceptance by the school, I will send an ACCEPTANCE LETTER from the school, a contract/agreement to you, the parents. and a COPY of the I-20 via email.  I will send the original of the I-20 via regular mail at this time.  The student should use the email copy of the I-20 AND the ACCEPTANCE LETTER to schedule a VISA interview IMMEDIATELY.  This is very important as this can take time.  The student/parents are required to sign the ACCEPTANCE LETTER and the contract/agreement and wire ($4,450.00) to the above account.  When the student passes the VISA INTERVIEW and receives their F1 VISA, the balance of the tuition ($4,450.00) must be wired to the above account.

No payment is refunded IF a student withdraws or otherwise fails to attend.

WHAT WE NEED:   Students MUST supply official transcripts of recent academic work (last 2 years of transcripts) and three teacher recommendations, one from their MATH teacher, one from their ENGLISH teacher and one from either their HEADMASTER or GUIDANCE COUNSELOR - ALL MUST be signed/signatures.  These can be sent to me via email as soon as they are obtained.  They will also have to take and pass the Secondary Language English Proficiency (SLEP) test - for listening comprehension raw score should be 64 and above and reading comprehension raw score of 50 and above.  Both are equivalent to 70%/passing. If the SLEP test is not available the TOEFL or IELTS will suffice with a passing score.

Feel free to contact me anytime - we can discuss more online SKYPE.


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Thomas Gussie, Vice President
Middleburg, FL 32068-3859