Job Posting: Econ Faculty, The Petroleum Institute

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Apr 22, 2010 / 0 comments

Title: Economics Faculty
Department: College of Arts and Sciences -- Humanities and
Social Sciences
Institution: The Petroleum Institute
Date Posted: Apr. 21, 2010
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[b]The Petroleum Institute[/b] (PI) in Abu Dhabi is seeking
to fill two positions to teach introductory economics and
other undergraduate economics courses for the [b]Humanities
and Social Sciences Department[/b] of the [b]College of Arts
and Sciences[/b]. Appointments at the [b]Assistant
Professor, Associate Professor[/b] and [b]Professor[/b]
levels are available.

[b]Position Description: Economics Faculty[/b] work closely
with the engineering programs in order to further develop
and refine the curricu...

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