Want to Teach and Travel the World? Let’s go!

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Let’s be honest: the last few months have really made us want to leave our houses, jump on a plane and go somewhere, anywhere, far, far away. And yes, at the moment it might seem like being able to travel again is still far in the future, but as the world slowly starts to open up again, we can prepare for the day we can happily step out of house and into the big, wide world. 

You might not know this, but one of the most popular ways of travelling the world is to teach English as a Foreign Language. With more than 1.5 billion learners of English dotted all over the globe, that should come as no surprise. And it’s not as unachievable as you might think. 

Woman in front of a chalkboard with a globe drawn on it. From Want to Teach and Travel the World? Let’s go!

The secret to becoming a part of this magical world of teaching and travelling the world is only 168 hours away. That’s right, it can take just 168 hours to complete a teacher training course which will prepare you to teach English to English language learners–any age, in any country. 

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The TEFL Academy is one of the world’s most reputable companies which can provide you with this course. The TEFL course, as it is known, is an online course which you complete with the help of your trusty tutors. There is also a practical course component face-to-face or online if you’d like some experience in the classroom. 

Once you’ve got your TEFL certificate, the next step is to download the World Factbook 2021 from The TEFL Academy, which will give you an idea of average teaching salaries, living costs, accommodation options, entertainment ideas, and local cuisine suggestions for over 100 countries across the globe. This will give you a good idea of where you would like to start looking for a job. 

Or, if you’d rather be an armchair traveller, you could take your teaching online. With no commute, flexible hours, and eager students wherever you look, you could be meeting people from loads of different countries while you’re sitting in your living room. All you need is a good laptop, a decent headset, a reliable internet connection, and a quiet place to teach. Simple!

teaching online with a laptop, notepad, and a cup of coffee. From Want to Teach and Travel the World? Let’s go!

These past few months have made us all re-consider our lives very closely and possibly rethink our priorities. If you have realized that travel is important to you, teaching English as a Foreign Language is the perfect opportunity to earn money and fulfil your dream of exploring this wonderful world of ours–either in person, or virtually.