Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions: Digging for History in St. Kitts

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Nov 13, 2009 / 0 comments

We've interviewed Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions about their great work - here's a new program they are offering:




JANUARY 24-29, 2010


Wingfield Estate is one of the oldest sugar estates in the Eastern Caribbean, and has its origins in the first English settlement established in 1623. Sugar cane cultivation began here in the 1630s, and by the mid-1700s the estate was one of the largest and most advanced on St. Kitts. Cane was processed in the water and steam-powered sugar works until the 1920. With its edge-of-the-rainforest location on the banks of the Wingfield River, this site must be one of the most picturesque in the Caribbean.




Purchased by a local and committed preservationist 30 years ago to ensure their long-term safety and preservation, the works are now the focus of a unique and important heritage conservation project. Supported by CVE work for a number of years, the area is now accessible to the local community and visitors to St. Kitts


Project Description

The historic preservation project at Wingfield Estate involves expanding our knowledge of the history of the site through careful excavation of ruined or buried remains, artifact conservation, mapping and photography, and assisting in the maintenance of existing restored structures. During the week we will also explore St. Kitts and enjoy some leisure time. The Group Leader is David Rollinson. A member of the Association of Caribbean Historians, and a Heritage Conservation specialist, David is a former resident of St. Kitts & Nevis and has been involved in the preservation of Wingfield Works for many years.



The cost for this program is US$200.00, which covers CVE costs and participant insurance.  The fee does not include airfare, room or food.  Room costs are expected to be about US$65 per person per night, double occupancy.  Accommodation is at the Timothy Beach Resort, and participants are responsible for their accommodation arrangements. There are a number of restaurants/beach bars near the hotel, and grocery stores, etc in town.



For more information related to the program, travel or island facilities please contact:     

Anne Hersh   Phone: 340 642 7497   Email:  ahershcve[at]           David Rollinson   Phone: 902 530 2478   Email: droll[at]