Meet a World Endeavors Volunteer: Lindsey

by Lindsay Allen / Nov 21, 2008 /
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One of my favorite things about working at World Endeavors is hearing stories from returned volunteers.  I was recently in touch with Lindsey, who volunteered as a teacher in Guayaquil, Ecuador in the summer of 2008.


As a World Endeavors volunteer in Ecuador teaching computer skills to children, Lindsey had the opportunity not only to gain experience in her field, but also to truly immerse herself in Ecuadorian culture. She improved her language skills and spoke comfortably with locals, supervised recess at her school, took wild bus rides across the country with fellow volunteers, and learned to love the traditional dishes of encebollado (an onion soup with fish) and empanadas.

By participating in an immersive World Endeavors program, Lindsey strengthened an interest that will help carry her into a career as an educator. “My experiences in Ecuador have really helped to shape the way I look at education and the concept of teaching,” she said, “and the time I spent in the classroom has really solidified my desire to become a teacher someday.” When presented with language barrier challenges, she was able to overcome them and grow because of her flexibility. Her positive attitude and approach helped her to engage in the local culture and make lifelong friendships with her host family and friends.

World Endeavors offers teaching opportunities in Ecuador, as well as special education, environmental conservation, wildlife conservation, community development, orphanage assistance, and street children assistance opportunities. We also provide internships and a study abroad program in Ecuador.


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