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Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) is thrilled to announce the introduction of OurSpace: an intensive laboratory experience for teen directors. Designed to support CTC’s mission to inspire new generations of theatre professionals, OurSpace is a unique opportunity for a select group of student directors to produce a production of their choice—designed, stage managed and performed entirely by teens—with the professional support of CTC.


Beginning Dec. 3 and continuing through Dec. 19, Gimme Shelter, Razia’s Shadow and Incentive for Christmas, directed by 17-year old Maria Janasz, 16-year old Thea Sass-Ainsworth and Dylan Frederick, respectively, will be performed in CTC’s McGuire Performance Space, within CTC.


Gimme Shelter, directed by Maria Janasz (a student at Southwest High)

Gimme Shelter, a trilogy of one-act plays by Barrie Keefe, is a provocative, dark comedy about defying authority and learning to exert one’s true potential.

Maria Janasz has experience in lighting, stage management, acting and technical directing. She has been involved in productions of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Much Ado About Nothing, Grease, Dracula, Monty Python’s Flying Circus and McBike: the Musical.


Razia’s Shadow, directed by Thea Sass-Ainsworth (a student at the Perpich Center)

Razia’s Shadow tells the story of a world divided in two by the selfish acts of a powerful and egotistical angel. Written as a concept album by the band Forgive Durden, Razia’s Shadow is an original view of the story of Genesis, told through 13 musical compositions that meld classical instrumentals and modern vocals.

Thea Sass-Ainsworth has been in several musical theatre productions, including Fiddle on the Roof, Bye Bye Birdie and Oliver! She played the female lead in West Side Story, Oklahoma and The King and I.


Incentive for Christmas, directed by Dylan Frederick

An original work by Dylan Frederick, Incentive for Christmas tells the tale of a couple torn apart by the Iraq War and their yearnings for fame and children.


Ticket information is available online at www.childrenstheatre.org or at the CTC Box Office at 612/874-0400.

Children’s Theatre Company
OurSpace Performance Schedule – McGuire Performance Space
Tickets: (612) 874-0400 or www.childrenstheatre.org

Thursday, Dec 3        Incentive for Christmas    7:00 pm
Friday, Dec 4            Gimme Shelter            7:00 pm
Saturday, Dec 5        Razia’s Shadow        2:00 pm
                Incentive for Christmas    7:00 pm
Sunday, Dec 6            Gimme Shelter            2:00 pm
                Razia’s Shadow        7:00 pm

Thursday, Dec 10        Razia’s Shadow        7:00 pm
Friday, Dec 11            Incentive for Christmas    7:00 pm
Saturday, Dec 12        Gimme Shelter            2:00 pm
                Razia’s Shadow        7:00 pm
Sunday, Dec 13            Incentive for Christmas    2:00 pm
                Gimme Shelter            7:00 pm