PhD Research Needs Help with Survey: Online Reviews Credibility & Traveler Decision Making

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PhD Research Needs Help with Survey: Online Reviews Credibility: Implications on Traveler’s Decision Making

My name is Romeu Lopes and I am a teacher in the tourism and hotel management areas in Portugal, and also a PhD student in the Marketing & Strategy program at the Universities of Aveiro, one of the most dynamic and innovative phd programs in the field in Portugal.
I would like to share with you my research project, entitled “Online Reviews Credibility: Implications on Traveler’s Decision Making”.  This research is focused on online travel market, and is aimed to test if the online reviews are a reliable and important source of information for travelers, as well as the impact in the decision making process.
This project is supervised by two Professors whose competence and reputation are unanimously recognized in the academic and business fields in Portugal, and is targeted for anyone who have used a specific online platform to book an accommodation. These are some of the topics of the research:
• Perceived online reviews’ credibility;
• Evaluation of the website characteristics;
• Perceived value of the hotel booked;
• Overall satisfaction with the online booking experience;
• Loyalty with the website;
• Profile of the respondents
The technique for data collection will be an anonymous websurvey. Therefore, we would like to ask for your collaboration answering and sharing this research to other travelers spread across the world. The results should indeed be beneficial for theory and practice, helping to better understand the online travel market.

Let me also mention that the relevance of this project was highlighted in a major international conference held in Turkey ("6th World Conference for Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure"), and the paper was selected for publication in an edited book of Aspects of Tourism Behaviour - Cambridge Scholars Publishing – to be published this year.

The questionnaire is targeted for anyone who has already used online platforms or websites to book an accommodation and takes less than 10/15 minutes to respond.

Here is the link - thank you for your help:

Best regards,

Romeu Lopes