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EUREKA! The Moment When Art and Science Collide

A rocket scientist walks into an art gallery to review an opening…. 

This may sound like the start of a joke, but it’s a true story. Brad Biggs, founder and owner of Art for All Spaces asked this former Aerospace Engineer to write a review of the March 18, 2016 opening at CityArts Factory at 29 S Orange Ave, in downtown Orlando --  from a scientist’s perspective. The show continues through April 9th, with gallery hours M to F from 11 am to 6 pm. 

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Museo Atlantico: A New Underwater Museum in Lanzarote, Spain

One of my very favorite artists is Jason deCaires Taylor. His underwater sculptures have long intrigued me. I can't WAIT to get underwater and see them. We've interviewed Jason about the Underwater Sculpture Park he created in Grenada.

Artist of the Month: Jillian Waite

by Andrea Hupke de Palacio /
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Feb 01, 2016 / 0 comments

I spent time just letting Jillian’s paintings speak to me before I ever read any of her words.

I see the warmth of human beings, animals, and plants, evolving in a rough nature, made of thick layers of elements. I wonder about the mist which is lying over what I can perceive in the background of her paintings, and about the snow. These paintings speak for themselves.

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Sister Cities International: 2016 Young Artists and Authors Showcase

Today, Sister Cities International (SCI) announced that the theme for the 2016 Young Artists and Authors Showcase (YAAS) will be “Peace through People.” For the first time, the organization will also include two new categories as part of their 29 year old initiative which strives to engage young people around the power of art in diplomacy. These new categories will include a digital Photography Challenge and a more robust Film Challenge, which will be open to young people around the world ages 13-22.

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Exploring the Rodin Exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

When we were in Montreal this summer, I was lucky enough to visit Rodin's Métamorphoses Exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Exploring the Rodin Exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Important and Little-Known London Memorials and Statues

by Heather Robinette /
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Dec 18, 2015 / 0 comments

During my time in London, I had the chance to see several memorials and statues. Some of them were planned ,such as the Queen Victoria Memorial just outside of Buckingham Palace, but several of them I came across while I was exploring London. September 11 was a day many of us from the United States will never forget, but I had no idea they created a memorial anywhere else in the world. It was an eye-opening experience to see what it means to live in a global community.

Inside the Candy Church, Lameque, New Brunswick

by Dr. Jessie Voigts /
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Nov 28, 2015 / 0 comments

On the northeast shores of Lamèque Island, New Brunswick, lies a folk art treasure. Sainte-Cècile Church, also known as the Candy Church, was built in the early 1900s.

Inside the Candy Church (Sainte-Cècile Church), Lameque, New Brunswick

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Love, Change, and the Expression of Thought: 30 Americans at the Detroit Institute of Arts

The new exhibit, 30 Americans. One Nation. Thirty Experiences, at the Detroit Institute of Arts, runs until January 18, 2016. I highly recommend planning a trip to Detroit to see this.

Why? This exhibit is a powerful look at race, power, art, and culture...and there's more to it than you can imagine.

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Visiting the largest hotel art and antique collection in the US

Centuries-old works of art adorn the vast public spaces of the Hilton Anatole Hotel - so much a part of the place that guests often pass by without even noticing. 

Built in 1979 by one of Dallas' top real estate development families, the Anatole houses over 1000 pieces of art, making it the largest hotel art and antique collection in the US. No surprise it's located in Texas, where the state is often remembered for the slogan, "Everything is bigger in Texas."

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Experiences: An Online Gallery Show of Small Paintings

Art is important. Art matters. And yet, so often, art seems expensive and out of reach. We go to Art Hops, or art fairs, or find that little pottery place on our travels, and buy what we can to bring color and life and art to our homes. We rent art from the local university for a term or more, head to the annual sales at the art insitute. We devour art at museums, stare at that van Gogh, tears fall upon seeing that Bierstadt you've loved your whole life, chuckle at the poker dogs, teach our kids to love art as much as we do.