Artist of the Month: Jennifer R. Cook

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You know the drill - scroll through social media sites, see what pops up. I don't really like the cat and dog photos, the gifs of people doing the same thing over and over again every half second. I look for beauty, creativity, originality. And each day, I am rewarded by artist Jennifer R. Cook.

Artist of the Month: Jane E Porter

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Sometimes, an artist has such talent for looking within their subject. They specialize in seeing things others don't, and sharing a glimpse of the soul.

Artist of the Month: Max Scratchmann

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People are so creative. I’m always amazed by our Artists of the Month – such talent and inspiration! That goes for Max Scratchmann, our current Artist of the Month. He’s funny, creative, and a real renaissance man.

Artist of the Month: Alyssa Parsons

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Sometimes you run across an artist and just love their view of the world. Such is the case with artist Alyssa Parsons. Once discovered, I couldn't get enough of her art! It's playful, with a touch of humor that you don't often see, in art. She also has a serious side, with beautiful landscapes and detailed portraits.

January Artist of the Month: William Stolpin

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One of the benefits of traveling and exploring is finding new artists! This past fall, we traveled to the Michigan Renaissance Fair.

July Artisan of the Month: Mark McCrum

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There is something about art - good art - that calls to us. When I see a landscape that is particularly well done, I feel like I was there - catching the mood, basking in the sunset. One of my very favorite artists is one I've just discovered, Mark McCrum. His watercolors are just incredible - extraordinary paintings of places around the world.