Travel Guide Book Review: Fodor's Belize 2009

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Fodor's Belize, 3rd Edition, 2009

Whenever winter takes too long to morph into spring, I get an itch to be warm, exploring the outdoors and warmer climes. If events preclude my traveling at this time, then I can dig into a travel guidebook and dream of - and plan - a trip.

One such book that I can't stop reading is Fodor's Belize, 3rd Edition, 2009. Written by Lan Sluder (who has been in Belize since 1991, and written about it extensively), this is one treasure trove of dreams. As with all Fodor's travel guide books, it includes where to stay and eat for all budgets, must-see sights and local secrets, and ratings you can trust.

Bracketed at the end with a Dive Map to Belize, right away I knew that this guidebook was going to be a pleasure to read. Planning a dive trip - or even snorkeling - can make a snowy spring day less cold, somehow.

Chapters include Planning your trip, what's where, where to go, quintessential Belize, if you like, great itineraries, a calendar, in-depth detail on the geographic sections of Belize, understanding Belize, at a glance, Belize Q&A, Retiring in Belize, Wildlife glossary, books and movies, travel smart Belize, getting here and around, Essentials, and a extensive list of 23 maps.

As a scuba diver, I have always longed to go to Belize. It is one of the most famous dive spots in the world, renowned for its underwater beauty. However, I've learned upon reading this book that there is so much more to Belize than diving.   Did you know that Belize is full of archaeological treasures, bird-watching, the aforementioned diving, rainforests, fishing, caving, and more?

One fun part of this guidebook is the little boxes on occasional pages, filled with tips. Whether it is a hot property, word of mouth, or specific suggestions (golf, etc.), these travel tidbits are punchy and make you want to do just what they recommend!

The book is, as with all Fodor's travel guide books, full of great recommendations, exhaustive details on times, costs, etc., and well-written commentary.

WARNING: this book will make you plan a trip to Belize. Get out your passport!


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  • greenfield

    14 years 7 months ago

    This book brings to mind all the colorful reef fish, and what a joy it would be to see them. My husband is a diver and I long to try it. Even snorkling would be great there. Belize is on my top five travel wish list. Great review, Thanks,

  • Barbara Greenberg

    14 years 7 months ago

    All your travel guide book reviews make me want to purchase a copy of the guide book, and plan a trip.  This one is one different.  I have not considered Belize as a vacation destination, but now I have.  Thanks!

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