Book Review: Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2009


Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2009: 850 Trends, Destinations, Journeys & Experiences for the Year Ahead

Without even opening this guidebook, I knew there would be a lot of information in there, because it is about the entire world, not just one specific country. The world has so much to offer, but can be overwhelming at the same time. This book breaks it down for you, so you can see the best of the best.

The first part of the book chooses the top 10 countries, regions and cities, putting 30 areas under the magnifying glass. However, Lonely Planet doesn’t just list these wonderful places. Two pages are dedicated to each of the 30 areas, giving a map of its location and a brief description of the area. There is also a random selection including: a list of festivals and events, random facts, strangest places, current issues, best sights, best shopping, classic places to stay, etc. for each place. Each descriptive page makes the reader feel as if he or she has a good knowledge of the area and all that is left to do is actually visit the place!

Not only is this book great for its pictures of the best places, but it makes you think too. In the section “Water – The Ultimate Traveller,” your eyes are opened to an issue that we need to think more about – water. It surrounds every continent and makes up 60 percent of our bodies, yet “unless facing a life-threatening shortage or surplus, we barely give it a thought.” This section completely moves the reader, educating on all the facts of water and why it is so important to the world. It makes the reader want to “Go With The Flow” on one of the “three great ocean journeys for the new century” through the “Northwest Passage,” “Galápagos Islands” or completely “Round the World.” There are also tips for conserving water, making it last as long as possible, even while traveling. “‘Still or sparkling?’, reply with a firm and unashamed: ‘Tap!’”. You’ll also learn about the best places for every kind of water: discovery, icebergs, even smell sensation! This chapter rounds itself out with a world guide for all things water.

Next is “Lonely Planet’s Top Travel Lists” and these are some great lists. These topics are very different, but definitely things you should do while traveling. Deadly sins, ecotrips, top 10 places to steal a kiss, midlife crisis destinations, happiest places, best cycling adventures. You can plan your trip accordingly, but make sure you do one of these interesting things. No matter where you go, you’ll be able to cross one of these things off your list! I’ll be in Rome this summer, and I can’t wait to experience the “spine-tingling commute” of riding a Vespa around the city!

Rounding out the book is “World Profiles 2009.” No matter what country you are interested in visiting, Lonely Planet gives a nice description about the country and what has been happening recently, as well as what you can expect for 2009.

Lonely Planet breaks down the entire world in this book, giving readers an easy way to plan their adventures, making sure they hit everything possible. What’s next? Close your eyes, pick a page, book the flight, and go!


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  • Dr. Jessie Voigts

    15 years 1 month ago

    thanks so much, reilly - this book looks fascinating! i am especially interested in the water section. thanks for a great review!


    Jessie Voigts, PhD


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