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One of our travel guides partners, Not For Tourists, has several unique offerings for travelers on their website this week. Check out the following highlights from their Atlanta correspondents this week...



Greece meets Grease By:  Beth Linder

Mykonos Grill

It seems the Johnny Rockets of yesteryear has since had a facelift. Now, a small Greek diner, known as Mykonos Grill, overlooks the traffic of Cobb Parkway. Casual Greek dining--who'd have thought this would be such a killer idea in a city overflowing with hole-in-the-wall TexMex joints? Usually, I abide by the "if it ain’t broke" rule, but apparently, this little hot spot is serving up a big fat helping of "I told you so." Decked out in traditional cobalt blue and white, Mykonos seems to be going for the " the '50s, but with that continental flair" look. And for the most part, it works. Greek food, of course, is an integral part of the menu (their salads being some of the best dishes), but if you and yours aren't ready with a cultural palette, you'll be happy to know that they cater to less adventurous foodies as well. On the downside, the service is slow and less than ideal. If you've got an hour or two, give'em a shot. The outcome almost always looks good for the underdog. Plus, with a 24-hour schedule Friday and Saturday nights, it'll give them ample time to get their act together.




Bagelicious By:  Carrie Neal Walden

Goldberg's Bagels and Deli

Atlantans like to think we're pretty sophisticated about our food. New Yorkers, however, think they've cornered the market on things like pizza and bagels. Well, around here, if you want a "real" bagel, Goldberg's is where you need to go. You may not be in a Manhattan deli, but the rings of yumminess Wayne's crew produces daily are as close as you’ll find. For breakfast or lunch, go with a bagel and schmear or check out the full menu for lox, French toast or omelettes, or huge deli sandwiches from turkey to reubens. You'll also find casseroles to bake at home in the freezer case and ready-made salads to take to the office if you're in a rush. Some of us think Goldberg's gives those NYC places a solid run for their money--see what you think!




The Friday Night  By:  Beth Linder

Dad's Garage Theatre

You've outgrown the club scene. Good seats at the Fox are exorbitantly overpriced. And dinner and a movie have become so trite. Throw some spontaneity into your weekend routine and experience some live improv. Samurai Davis Jr. and Dim Sum's Super Mega Happy Fun Time Improv Show to be exact. Sure, that's more than a mouthful, but this motley crew of Atlanta's finest improv artists will have you craving for more off the cuff action in less than an hour after the last skit. Yes, this Japanese-style game show, offered Friday nights at 10:30 pm, puts a new twist on the art of decision making and, consequently enough, dealing with the repercussions. Two Asian-disguised hosts and their mini skirt-wearing assistants entertain audiences with two teams of two improvisers. Each team must choose from two doors and compete with an on-the-spot act using whatever prop appears from beyond the threshold. Could be a rope. A bathrobe. A Fisher-Price guitar. That’s the beauty of it--you never know. The best part is the fact that the audience decides the winner. And the loser...well, let's just say they had it coming:  various punishments, usually involving food or physical pain, all lead up to a grand finale which might just include a full on man-on-man makeout session.


Hop Secret 393 By:  Katherine Dean

Taco Mac

For beer lovers, there's no better place to pickle your liver than Taco Mac. Thanks to Fred the Beer Guy, the chain's savvy beverage director, each location boasts a freakish selection, from barley-wine to stout and everything in between. Most Atlantans are blissfully aware of this fact and for those of you bobbing your heads, mentally affirming Taco Mac's superlative brew-schlepping status, here's an additional carrot: tonight at 8 pm, at the Lindbergh location, Mac staff is tapping a keg of Sierra Nevada's Hop Secret 393. If you haven't heard of the stuff, it's freaking phenomenal, which is really all you need to know; but for those who need details, here they are: Hop Secret 393 is a glorious creation that was crafted using an experimental, never-been-used hop that is yet to be named. There are only 35 kegs of the stuff in the whole world and, lucky for us, eight of them found their way to Georgia, thanks to Fred, who helped brew and write the recipe for this exceptional ale. Four kegs have already been tapped at Taco Macs around the city. If you've been keeping up, you know what that means: there ain't much left. To get your hands on one, you gotta head to Taco Mac. The remaining three kegs will be tapped at 5 pm at the following Taco Mac locations: Newnan (2/27), Kennesaw (3/2), Crabapple (3/11).


Apocalypse Entertainment By:  Josh Green

Fox Theatre

Sure, it's tough to justify forking over $50 for tickets to a carnival of trash cans in the midst of an economic apocalypse. But Atlanta's most badass venue--this trippy, Egyptian-style wonderland of drifting clouds, onion domes and cricket-chirp acoustics--is capable of the escapism we all so desperately need. Forced to see STOMP! at the Fabulous Fox Theatre last year, I left a changed man, hankering to go back within those walls, amid that sound. Erected as a mosque in the pre-crash 1920s, the Fox has seen its own financial doldrums, but its lineups now are impressively eclectic. From Chris Rock to the Lion King to Smashing Pumpkins in the course of a few weeks. I saw My Morning Jacket there last autumn, and swept up by the reverb, blown down by heavy bass and lifted by ghostly, ethereal vocals, I've never felt so much like I was the music, no longer a mere witness.



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