NFT Travel Guides: Shop Till You Drop and Party in Washington D.C.

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One of our travel guides partners, Not For Tourists, has several unique offerings for travelers on their website this week. Check out the following highlights from their Washington D.C. correspondents this week...



Pad-See-Ew and Happy B-Day Too By: Emily Groves

Crystal Thai

Tucked away in a shopping center off Route 50 in Virginia lies some of the best Thai food in the area--at least in my uneducated, not-too-well-informed, quite subjective opinion. Clean, nice establishment; friendly service; aromatic, flavorful, delicious dishes: I cannot ask for more. And if one judges the quality of international food by the percentage of said international group in a particular restaurant specializing in that international food, then I believe my opinion cannot be far removed from the truth because my English-speaking table stood out. Crystal Thai's too sugary sweet cocktails are the only aspect of the meal that didn't adhere to my idyllic dining experience. And for a special treat, go on your birthday (or pretend it's your birthday)--the Thai birthday song is as good as their Pad-See-Ew. Well, almost.



Anna U. Davis  By:  Jade Floyd

Long View Gallery

DC has an endless array of gallery's sprayed across the city yet Long View Gallery stands apart and recruits some of the most ingenious artists in the country. Situated at the corner of 9th and N Long View is a sign of true gentrification that has erupted in this area. This Saturday, DC-based artist Anna U. Davis brings her provocative work to Long View with an opening night show and reception taking place from 6 to 9 pm. Davis' paintings are created by applying thousands of glossy 2 x 2 inch paper squares creating the scenes for her Frocasian (a mold of "Afro" and "Caucasian") figures. The show runs February 21 to March 21. Open Wednesday-Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm.



New House on the Block By:  Emily Groves

Darlington House

The new kid in town is trying very hard to not only fit in with its Dupont Circle neighbors, but also to quickly become the coolest kid on the block. Located in the former Childe Harold spot, Darlington House seems faced with an identity crisis: nice upstairs restaurant (apparently...though I didn't get a chance to snoop) versus laid-back bar (called the Cantina Pub) on the first level. The bar had a friendly vibe and filled up quickly during happy hour time, but apparently everyone was there only for its half-rustic/half-stylish ambience, because there essentially was NO HAPPY HOUR--unless $4 Millers, $4 house wines, and $6+ cocktails count as deals. All other draft beers crossed the $6 threshold--even at 5:30 pm! So, in my opinion, D.H. is off to a rad start (I dig the fake moose heads), but if he doesn't "cool down" a bit, the popular kids are going to start chillin' at other bars.



Get Out Of My Way Grandma! By:  Magda Nakassis

Joe's Noodle House

When I go to New York and my friends insist on elbowing their way into any given dining room--despite the presence of a host(ess)--I always think they're making too much of a fuss and that it's fine to just patiently wait our turn. But when I set foot into the small square room that is Joe's Noodle House, I found myself pushing grandmothers and children out of the way in order to secure my rightful table. It must have been the smell of spicy noodles with spinach and ground pork that took hold of me. And I must say, I won't and can't look back. Delicious, cheap, spicy Chinese food is worth its weight in ground pork, and I don't care who I have to step on to get it! They obviously don't want it as much as I do anyway.



Eat the Dream By:  Magda Nakassis


I don't buy books because I never plan to reread them. I don't watch movies for a second time and enjoy new thoughts. I constantly make lists and check things off. So then how can you explain that when given the opportunity to enjoy a meal out, and with so many spots on my restaurant to-do list, I so frequently return to Haydee's? How do you explain that I always order the taquitos or the chicken chimichanga? Or that I always drink a Fiesta margarita on the rocks? It's because once my thoughts wander to the sight and smell of moist, shredded chicken in a deep-fried tortilla, served with guacamole and sour cream, washed down with a salty, strong margarita in a cactus glass, it's hard to do anything else until I make the dream a reality, again.