Along the Templar Trail

by ARoadRetraveled / Jan 06, 2009 /
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Brandon Wilson, world traveler, photographer & author of “Along The Templar Trail” is taking us again on another amazing backpacking adventure on foot - this time across Europe along an ancient Knights Templar trail on a pilgrimage for peace. The daunting and at times dangerous journey began in Dijon, France, and ended in Jerusalem.

In his book, Brandon illustrates how life really is in both Western and Eastern Europe when you’re nowhere near the well presented tourist attractions. You get a true taste of the people, culture, and life in many counties we don’t even think of visiting. What is most important in Brandon’s discovery is not what makes us different, but what unifies us regardless of race, religion, or nationality.

In this episode, Brandon shares his pilgrimage along The Templar Trail so we can experience it through him.

You will find an abundance of lessons of the trail in Brandon Wilson’s book, and I’d like to share a few with you that I find valuable for when we travel:

Be generous. Travel lightly. All in life is a gift. What you don’t need, give away

Be human. There is no harm in getting lost – only in staying lost.

Be flexible. Sometimes the trails just vanish. That doesn’t mean you were on the wrong path – there’s just a better one now.

Be grateful. Even the smallest things on the trail are either a gift or a lesson.

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7,000,000 steps… 2,620 miles…160 days….10 countries…one purpose: peace.




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