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Having problems planning your vacation? We've found a solution! Air Canada Vacations offers a complete service for planning your dream vacations. Don't quite know WHAT your dream vacation is, or WHERE you want to go? Not a problem - you'll be inspired by the plethora of great vacation ideas and options. We caught up with Air Canada Vacations, and asked them about the services they offer - here's what they had to say...

WE: Please tell us about Air Canada Vacations...

ACV: Air Canada Vacations offer products around the world. We sell dreams. We are leading Canadian tour operator offering to travel agents and consumers a wide assortment of leisure travel packages including cruises and tours. All packages include accommodation, Aeroplan Miles and roundtrip airfare aboard Air Canada and its Star Alliance partners. Repeat recipient of the Consumer's Choice Award for Best Travel Wholesaler, Air Canada Vacations services over 100 destinations in the Caribbean, Central & South America, Asia, Europe, and in the U.S.

Air Canada Vacations


WE: What can travelers expect to find on Air Canada Vacations?

ACV: A large amount of products such as packages, flights, hotels, cars, activities, tours, and promotions.
We offer pre-packages vacations or custom ones. We have something for everyone. You want something? Ask and we have it.
We are very flexible and offer direct links with worlwide partners for hotels, cars, and activities.
Looking for multi-destination vacations? Fly to London, spend a few days, visit a museum, take the train to Paris, spend a few days and fly back to Montreal or any Canadian city? We offer it!

WE: What types of Vacations do you offer?

ACV: A vacation for every taste! Beach? Party? Cultural? Adventure? Family? Adult? Gay and lesbian?
We made online shopping easy and totally flexible with our shopping cart. You can book multiple products in any combination, including transfers when not included.

Air Canada Vacations




WE: Do you offer any last minute deals?

ACV: We offer last minute deals to several destinations for different durations and meal plans.

WE: What destinations do you offer?

ACV: We offer more than 100 destinations worldwide, anywhere Air Canada flies such as Europe, Asia, South Pacific, South America, North America, and Mexico and the Caribbean.

WE: What is the most popular section of your website, and why?

ACV: Our vacation search tool is our most often used section on our website. This is the place where our consumers can shop for their next vacation, see prices and availability and compare their different options.

WE: What hotels do you partner with?

ACV: We partner with hotels around the world such as Sandals, Beaches, Melia, Grand Bahia, ME, Palace, Barcelo, Dreams, El Dorado, Iberostar, Now, etc. to name a few.
We also offer a Privileges program that offer special perks for some hotels such as VIP check-in, fresh towels when arriving in the lobby, check-in cocktail, and some resort credits.

Air Canada Vacations




WE: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

ACV: Your vacation starts when planning your next destination using our award winning website. We offer a mobile application where you can view deals, retrieve your booking and do your online check-in and be notified of any changes. When you book with us, you also receive a link to a personal website to plan your activities while at destination. You can see a countdown, a copy of travel documents, weather forecast, and ideas for activities while at destination.




Air Canada Vacations is your one stop source for planning the vacation you will remember for a lifetime.