Why Purchasing Travel Insurance is a Good Idea

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If you are an adventure-seeking soul or your job most often requires you to travel overseas, buying  travel insurance is not only a good idea, but should be treated as a necessity. Purchasing international travel insurance should be prioritized if you are planning to travel anywhere outside your country of residence. Whether you will be flying solo, with a loved one, or with the whole family, before your trip is always a smart idea. Making sure to cover your basic and comprehensive needs should certainly be on top of your to-do-list.


Travel insurance protects you from potential risks that may arise during an overseas trip. Keeping your fingers crossed that no unfortunate event happens during your trip will not do you any good. Being prepared for emergency cases such as accidents, baggage loss, and medical crises should always be taken into consideration when you intend on traveling abroad. The cash and credit cards that you have in your wallet might not be enough to cover your medical expenses and emergency costs. If you’re unlucky, these may even be taken away from you while traveling.


Travel InsuranceThe best decision that you will ever make is buying international travel insurance before you leave. A sense of safety and security is what travel insurance can guarantee you. Knowing that you are adequately covered, especially when you need financial assistance the most, will make you travel more fun and enjoyable.


Travel insurance comes in a myriad of variations. Domestic travel insurance and international travel insurance are the two main categories when it comes to travel insurance. The majority of people who travel within their country of residence do not even consider taking out domestic travel insurance. This is quite understandable especially when your trip is going to be short and the travel time from your point of departure to another state or city is a few hours only. However, when it comes to international trips, a travel insurance is almost and always a must-have.


Travelling abroad, either for business or for the purpose of leisure, is tedious as it is fun. Packing your luggage, preparing your travel documents, and packing clothes and items you’ll need while you are away may accidentally make you forget about travel insurance. In order to ensure the travel insurance acquisition process, you may want to purchase it a month or weeks before your departure date. If you are going on a long holiday, single trip international travel insurance should be put into place. However, if your job entails you to travel internationally more than thrice yearly, annual multi-trip travel insurance may be the best policy option for you.


Knowing which insurance product will cover you adequately beforehand will immensely help you in times of dire need. Most people think that it is costly to take out travel insurance. Paying for insurance products which may not be utilized at all during your overseas trip may make you think that it is not important at all.


Here is a list of the top three reasons why choosing international travel insurance should be the path that you take before flying abroad:


For trip and flight cancellation

A reputable insurance company will assist you if you need to cancel an overseas trip or flight. Whatever your reason for cancelling, whether be it related to being laid off from work or additional functions that need to be done for your work, a travel insurance company will certainly cover the amount of money that you were unable to get a refund from an airline company or travel insurance company.



In the event that your airline provider and travel agency close their business before your departure date, international travel insurance is more than able to cover your expenses quickly too.






Baggage delay or loss

This is the most common problem that travelers encounter while flying overseas. Your cash, bag, and travel documents may be lost while your fly from one destination to another. If you were smart enough to take out even the most basic of travel insurance policies, you will be provided with the money that you need to proceed with your trip, or be compensated for the things that were lost. In addition, replacement of flight and travel documents is covered so you don’t need to worry about problems that you may encounter while securing your flight back to your country of residence.





Medical expenses overseas

Travel InsuranceTo avoid unbelievably high medical expenses, why not simply opt for international travel insurance? Look at it as your investment in safety and medical security. It is normal that the cost of health care in foreign lands is more expensive. This truth alone should be more than enough to convince you that travel insurance is really a good idea.



Secondly, emergency evacuation to your country due to medical reasons may cost you 1000 times more than what you may have spent on comprehensive travel insurance.




Lastly, your health insurance coverage in your native country simply does not cover expenses while you are traveling. To procure optimum health and guarantee recovery it is best to buy an additional medical health insurance for times that you will be away of the country.



Always remember to take out international travel insurance if you are flying with your family. If you are on a seriously tight budget and you want the cost to be worth it, getting travel insurance packages is the best way to go in minimizing costs while safeguarding your interests and needs as well.









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  • Julie Royce

    12 years 5 months ago

    Ed, your article listing the reasons to purchase travel insurance was both informative and timely.  We are planning a two week cruise and this confirms what I suspected.  We need insurance and we need to be thoughtful consumers.  Thanks.

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