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Driving in Europe is such a pleasurable experience. For me, nothing is sweeter than tooling down the back roads, slowly passing tractors (and waving to the farmer) and then finding that small café and settling down for lunch (possibly dining on that farmer’s vegetables). Discovering the tiny villages that are the heart of Europe is how I choose to spend my European vacations, instead of standing in line at all the tourist traps.


One way to fully maximize the economics of your travel is to look closely at car rental and leasing. If you are going for under 21 days, then a car rental is the most inexpensive option. However, if you are traveling for more than 21 days, or are spending a term teaching or on sabbatical in Europe, then short-term leasing is an economical way to go.


Since 1954, over a half a million North Americans visiting Europe have leased a car using Renault’s Eurodrive Program. The short-term lease, or purchase-repurchase program by Renault, offers many advantages. Leasing a car in Europe can be a more affordable alternative to renting a car, if you plan to stay in Europe for 21 days or longer.



The Renault Eurodrive Program

We recently sat down with Sandrine Alkan, Director of Sales and Marketing North America of Renault’s Eurodrive USA Program.


WE: Sandrine, can you tell us a little about the Renault Eurodrive Program?

SA: The program is an all inclusive tax-free car leasing program. It includes full comprehensive insurance, with no deductible. So basically whatever happens to the car, the driver, and all the passengers, are fully covered. There are no age restrictions. The minimum age is 18, and there is no maximum age limit. Obviously a valid driver’s license is required.

You can pick up the car in one country, and drop it off in another. The one-way fee does not exist with us. You have unlimited mileage during the lease term.

You will be leasing a brand new car, so the client can pick the car model they want, and we guarantee you will receive that model. The only thing we can’t we can’t guarantee is the car color.

Everything is arranged before you go abroad. It is a very simple process. We meet you once you arrive in Europe, and escort you to the car location. Once you present your passport and a copy of your contract, you get the car.


WE: Who is your typical client?

SA: Most of our clients are visiting Europe for business, or extended vacation.


WE: Regarding paying for the leasing, when do they pay?

SA: First a deposit is paid, and then the balance is prepaid here in the United States, before you visit Europe.


WE: Why was the Renault Eurodrive Program started?

SA: It was started in 1954 to encourage people to visit France after the war, by offering a tax-free program.



WE: That is very interesting – and shows that you’ve done a LOT of car leasing! What does Renault do with the cars at the end of the lease?

SA: At the end of your lease you have the option to return the vehicle, or you can buy it.

If you choose to return it, which happens the vast majority of the time, Renault either puts it in the secondhand (rental) market, or it goes to the car rental companies.


WE: From looking at your site, I can see that you have a plethora of options for the consumer. What kinds of vehicles are offered?

SA: They range from sub-compact, all the way up to the nine-passenger mini-van; also convertibles and SUVs, and both gasoline and diesel engines.


WE: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

SA: We do have clients who buy cars through us. These clients usually own a home in Europe, and spend a few months each year there. Instead of leasing a car through us all the time, they just buy it outright without leasing it first. So that’s another option.


WE: That’s good to know. I can see how that would be am excellent offer for so many travelers.

SA: We give very good rates, because you are buying directly from the manufacturer. And just like the leasing program, everything is arranged here in the United States. The contract, and payment, is done here, and you pick up the automobile in Europe.


WE: Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us about the Renault Eurodrive Program, Sandrine.

SA: Thank You.


Renault Eurodrive USA Program Highlights:

  • Choose a brand new Renault vehicle from their extensive fleet
  • Included fully comprehensive insurance with no deductible
  • 24/ 7 multi-lingual roadside assistance in 43 countries
  • Unlimited mileage during the term of the lease
  • The minimum age requirement is 18, with no maximum age requirement
  • No VAT (value added tax)
  • You can buy the vehicle at the end of the lease
  • You can buy a vehicle directly from their US office
  • 17,000 service agents throughout Europe
  • 32 pick-up and drop-off locations throughout Europe
  • Terms of lease: 21 days to one year




Reserve Your Least Today

Reserving your lease, or purchase, online through Just click on the Renault Eurodrive Program USA link.


If you’d like to check pricing, the types of cars available, or to schedule a Renault Eurodrive lease (with our special discount), please click here.


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  • Brian Westbye

    15 years 10 months ago

    Great piece. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Ed Forteau

    15 years 10 months ago

    Well, I hope that someday is soon.  Taking the Summer off to drive the European countryside is one of life's great joys.  Everyone I know who has done it has said it was the best vacation they have ever had.

    Ed Forteau


  • Bert Maxwell

    15 years 10 months ago

    At what point is it more cost effective to lease a car to use in Europe?

    Bert Maxwell

    Technology Editor,

  • Ed Forteau

    15 years 10 months ago

    The minimum lease contract is 21 days, and that also the point where a Europe car lease is generally less expensive than renting.  This is taking into account comparable insurance.

    Ed Forteau


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