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What is it about travel insurance?  When you are planning a trip, the last things that you want to think about are problems.  I would rather research places to see, find great restaurants, and envision the route that we'll travel than to think about flight cancellations, emergency medical problems, car rental, unforeseen events, lost baggage, stolen belongings, liability, etc. 

If you are an adventure traveler, you might already be prepared to find insurance for your bungee jumping, scuba diving, snowboarding & skiing - all the exciting adventures that you can find!

As well, before problems happen, you want the cheapest travel insurance possible. Once they occur, however, you want the most comprehensive insurance that can be found.

Unfortunately, there are so many insurance options out there that researching them becomes a huge headache, and makes you want to avoid it. However, the smart traveler will read on - we've chosen two travel insurance companies for you, based on their record, length of time doing business in the field, and reputation.  Although each plan is very different, they cover what most of our wandering educators will need.  Here are some options for you:


Plans available through Travel Guard can provide you with coverage for unexpected medical expenses while on a trip. With over 20 years of industry experience, Travel Guard is America's leading travel insurance plan provider. They specialize in providing innovative travel insurance, assistance & emergency travel service plans for millions of travelers & thousands of companies throughout the world. Coverage starting at $30. 


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  • Dr. Jessie Voigts

    15 years 2 months ago

    Thanks, Richard. We always overlook insurance when we're planning. But I should know better, having worked in the field of study abroad for years. You never know what will happen!


    Jessie Voigts


  • Ron Bartizek

    14 years 1 week ago

    You can quickly (relatively speaking) and conveniently compare different polices at or

    Also,, especially for trips to Europe. 

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