Places to Travel

by Jesse Miles / Dec 07, 2011 / 0 comments

Finding some great places to travel can make all the difference if you plan to venture across the globe. Nearly every country has at least one great thing about it; one great reason that makes it so special, whether it be part of its culture, or a unique piece of scenery native to one part of the world. When choosing to travel, discovering these new things can be exciting, while broadening your cultural horizon in the process.

The things to do in these places to travel can be what you make of them. Each and every travel destination in the world has at least a few great things you can do, whether at the crack of dawn or during the night. Whether you are a day or night person, your will to explore what the world has to offer you set the limit to your travel experiences. While you decide to travel, be sure to make the best of each and every minute you have.

Dresden, Germany

Florence has always been seen as one of the cradles of modern civilization as we know it today. A melting pot of refined culture, arts and activity, large, developing cities in days past have always strove to achieve the kind of status Florence had.

Dresden might as well be the heir to the crown, if only more people knew about it, but the people who do know consider it to be one of the best places to visit in Germany. With architectural landmarks and marvels sandwiched in nearly every street corner, the sights of Dresden would make even the most skilled of Italian Renaissance craftsmen throw down their tools in shame.

Some prominent landmarks include:

  • The Frauenkirche Cathedral, designed by George Bähr
  • The German Hygiene Museum

Osaka, Japan

While many think of the space-age trappings of Tokyo when they think of Japan, the rest of the country also has sights and sounds that are worthy of an extended stay. One of these destinations is Osaka, Japan's third largest major city. The places to see and the things to do may echo Tokyo in a way, but without the clutter and trappings usually found in a dense urban city.

A mix of old tradition and space-age technology, Osaka has a more lived-in, homey feel than Tokyo. Many often cite that the people are more down-to-earth and friendlier because of this, giving Osaka a rather warm, inviting aura you would not normally find in a dense urban area. Food, historical sites and nightlife are only a few of the attractions that Osaka has to offer.

Popular tourist attractions include:

  • Osaka Aquarium
  • Osaka Museum of History
  • Peace Osaka: A World War II-themed museum
  • Osaka Castle

Istria, Croatia

Croatia may not be the first on many world traveler destination lists, but it does offer some great attractions for tourists who make the effort. The northernmost peninsula of Croatia is home to Istria, a hillside town ripe with renaissance architecture and rustic culture that you would expect from a gentle, seaside town.

While somewhat Venetian in appearance, the similarities are only skin-deep; Istria has many of its own unique attractions that set it apart from other towns and cities. Istria is becoming particularly well-known for its culinary attractions like truffles and white wines. Athletic tourists will also be glad to know that Istria is also a great city for cycling in, with over 2,000 miles of bike trails maintained by enthusiasts and the government alike.

Some wonderful attractions in Istria include:

  • Rovinj, a former part of the Venetian vassal states
  • The olive oil stancijas, or estates
  • Ocean views, which tourists can swim and snorkel around

Sorrento, Italy

People would typically think of places like Venice, Italy, or Rome when a trip to Italy is brought up. Italy is, like many other countries, is a very big place, so it may come as no surprise that the country has more to offer than what the brochures at your travel office may say. Sorrento is one of these places, and is just as ripe with architecture, culture, food, and entertainment as the more common Italian tourist destinations.

Sorrento is also a ferry ride to Capri, so think about having a day trip to this rustic island getaway if you are in town. If you get seasick easily, then Sorrento itself has many unique attractions that set itself apart from the rest of Italy. A tour around Campania will quench your thirst for world history, in addition to being a feast for the eyes. If you are a fan of architecture, then a trip to Sorrento will definitely appease your eye for detail.

Costa Brava, Spain

Perhaps your inner Casanova may be appeased with a trip to this unique, seaside getaway. Located in Spain, both the city and the outlying sights on the sea are a feast for the eyes. The architecture and the colorful boats stationed around the Mediterranean coast serve as a warm overtone for what this city has to offer to tourists.

One of the cultural hotspots in Costa Brava includes Salvador Dali's home; tourists are sure to find his beachside getaway just as quirky as his surrealist paintings. If you are not a fan of surrealist art, then the fishing village of Calella de Palafrugell features many seaside culinary establishments. Your stomach may appreciate the culinary arts better than the visual arts, after all, so put Costa Brava on your list of places to travel to.