Unusual Attractions in Florida

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If you think you've seen all Florida has to offer, think again. Maybe it's time to venture away from the over crowded attractions and see what oddities await you. Virgin’s holiday brands offer two choices; book family holidays in Florida with Virgin Holidays and find exclusive deals or travel cheap and cheerful and book Florida vacations with Travel City Direct and see how much you could save. Here are 7 odd things you should try when in Florida:


Butterfly World

In Coconut Creek, Florida you can visit Butterfly World. View over 5,000 butterflies from 80 different species. Stroll through lush gardens and tranquil waterfalls in the world's biggest aviary for butterflies as you see the breathtaking beauty of these amazing creatures take flight.


John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

For a strange underwater adventure, visit the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo. Go canoeing, swimming or boating, or take the glass bottom boat tour. Descend 25 feet under the ocean where you can view the awesome Christ of the Deep statue. This statue is nine-feet tall and is a spectacular sight to see.


Photo courtesy of gcapron, flickr creative commons

Photo courtesy of gcapron, flickr creative commons



Coral Castle

Homestead, Florida is the home of a mystery unexplained to this day. Coral Castle is a fantastic rock garden that was built by one man alone --Ed Leedskalnin. How he managed to move these great rocks remains a mystery to the world. But he not only moved them, he built them into a magnificent garden for visitors to stroll through and enjoy. It is rumoured by many that Ed had powers from beyond that allowed him to complete this great task.


Dinosaur World

Whether you holiday with kids or not, check out Dinosaur World. Located in Plant City, Florida, Dinosaur World is a prehistoric playground your kids will absolutely love. Let them dig for fossils, check out the many caves, or see all the awesome artefacts in the museum. The perfect place for a family picnic, and there is a great playground for the kids to release some energy.


Jules Undersea Lodge

If you are looking for a totally different type of hotel, the Jules Undersea Lodge will fulfil that dream. Scuba diving is a must to get to this hotel, which is located 21 feet beneath the water. Sleep in complete peace while the sea life swims all around you. There are large viewing windows so you can see the marvels that are outside your room.


Spook Hill

Another strange occurrence you can witness while driving through Florida is Spook Hill. Located in Lake Wales, Florida, this strange natural illusion makes your car seemingly roll uphill on its own. Part of the fun is finding Spook Hill by following the signs located in the area, then you park, put your car in neutral, and feel it roll uphill. A great stop on your way through the town.


Weeki Wachee

Weeki Wachee, Florida is where you can see mermaids do an inspiring show. There are boat rides and plenty of other wildlife to view, but the mermaids are definitely the main attraction. Great adventure for the whole family guaranteed. 

Photo courtesy of dno1967b, flickr creative commons
Photo courtesy of dno1967b, flickr creative commons