10 Summer Vacation Tips

by Lexa Pennington /
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Sep 18, 2012 / 0 comments

Vacation is often a summer vacation with kids having time off school. A good release from the monotony of work, your daily chores and or other business gives you the sense of being on a true vacation. It only helps if you know the do’s and dont’s of vacation planning to make the whole experience not just incredible but equally memorable for years to come.

The first step is to choose your destination. As easy as that might sound, this is one of the most difficult aspects of your planning. Depending on whether you are travelling solo, in which case it’s an easier pick, or whether you are travelling with your family, where arriving at a median of interest can be quite  task at times. Choose a destination that has a plethora of activities to offer so that no one gets particularly bored. Secondly, you could settle for 2-3 options and be sure to do a fair amount of research on your destination before you make a final decision. Thirdly, check for accommodation options, places to visit, how to get there and most importantly, what to do in some free time available. As expensive as it may sound, renting a house or a villa by the beach or in a country side turns out to be cheaper than individual rooming options. Your family can be together all the time and you will end up getting the true feeling of a family vacation with all the planning being worth the while!


Fourthly, if you are globe-trotting or are simply travelling alone, one of your worries might be to stay in touch with folks and friends back home. However now with hi-tech options available, you are just a quick call away. Make international phone calls from pre paid cards, or local cards or use VoIP options from the roadside internet cafe or from your personal laptop to place a call! You have it all at your disposal. All you need to do is make the required arrangements before your embark upon your journey to avoid any hassles later on.


Fifthly, always pack light and carry appropriate summer clothing and cosmetics needed to protect you from the sun. If you are exploring a coastal town, make sure your beachwear is in place. Inappropriate clothing can cause a lot of embarrassment and be a dampener to your travel plans. A few other important tips are - Read up a little on the local culture and perceptions of what is culturally right and wrong. This not only helps you while shopping and packing but will also help you in feeling at home in spite of being away from your motherland. Learning a few phrases in the local language or the culinary traditions can be of immense help while interacting with the locals. Language is a true heart-opener to many cultures, especially the ones which are not to open to outside influence or where tourism is not developed. Not just will this give you an edge over other travellers, but it will also help in case of any trouble on foreign land.


Travel of course with all your documents in place including your insurance and keep ready cash in case of emergencies. An international Credit card is preferred for unpredicted expense that might be incurred. Avoid flashing expensive jewellery or ornaments that attract unwanted attention. Last but not the least, forget everything else but the fact that you are travelling for pure enjoyment and taking time off all those activities which make the term ‘routine’. So give yourself a true break, bathe in the sun or go to a spa, enjoy all that nature has to offer to you and come back with a refreshing memory that lasts until you set out again!