Travel tip: travel-sized personal items

by Jesse Miles / Apr 29, 2008 /

Here's a travel tip that I have used for years.  Instead of buying the small toothpaste tubes, or the smallest size baby products, I save my contact lens cases.  When we are getting ready to travel for a short period, I fill each space with something I will need - for a child, maybe diaper rash cream, or zinc oxide if we're headed to the beach.  For myself, there's enough room for toothpaste on one side, and face lotion on the other for one weekend.  It is also perfect for your purse or carry-on - just throw it in! It is water-tight, very compact , and is small enough to pass through airport security in terms of the amount of liquids we can now fly with.



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  • Ed Forteau

    13 years 4 months ago

    Whenever our family travels we just throw things into our travel bags. Packing isn't as organized and thought out as it should be. Because of that we tend to forget something. Especially the little things. Your travel tip will certainly help.

    Ed Forteau

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