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Global Citizenship

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White House Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship


I truly believe that international education can change the world. From studying abroad, hosting exchange students, working abroad, doing international internships, taking international classes, learning languages, taking a gap year, asking questions and learning about people’s lives, and traveling, there is a plethora of ways to learn about people, places, cultures, and

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What To Do (and What Not To Do) on a Service Learning Project


My first trip to Ecuador in 2003 was fabulous. As an ambitious 22 year old, I recruited a small group of young eager teachers and spent the summer teaching English to very poor children on the coast of Ecuador. We had a great time in the exotic land all the way in South America.

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This week, we were honored to be invited to the White House! Here, the White House convened the most influential travel bloggers for the White House Travel Bloggers Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship.


Winging It in the Amazon

It’s all fun and games until you get birds involved…then mayhem, hilarity, and learning ensue!


Going on a Blind Date in the Amazon

Standing on the banks of the Sucasari River as dusk began to settle around me, I strained to hear the sound of approaching boats over the cacophony of rainforest insects and frogs.  



The Ocean Enlightens Me


The tide enchants me with its consistency. The creatures fill my heart, and the unknown drives me. With each beat of the ocean’s heart, it sends waves rising up, crashing on the shore, or slowly stretching up to gently kiss the sand.


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