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Global Citizenship

Discovering An Ancient Food and Appreciating the Native Roots of A Local Sweetener


In the span of just a few months in 2013, I discovered a new food and gained appreciation for a local food I’d been taking for granted.

Spring Break 2014: Wet and Wild in the Amazon

As students return to their classrooms following Spring break, many will share their stories of beaches with friends and family.  But for thirteen students from the Derryfield School in New Hampshire, the conversation will be very different:

“So what did you do on Spring Break?”

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Traveling the Cambodian Genocide


Sometimes, even though history is unbearable to revisit, we must. We must to change the future, to honor those that have lost their lives, to make sure that this never happens again. One such history is the tragegy that is still unfolding in Cambodia.

Wanted: Amazon Orchid Bee Wranglers!

What do you do with a bug net, a vial of wintergreen essential oil, cotton swabs, and push pins, when you are in the middle of the Amazon rainforest? If you are an orchid bee wrangler, you design an experiment to investigate orchid bees, of course!

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Travel Writers' Guide: 50+ Best Science Museums Around the World


One of the questions I hear most often (besides how to teach your kids to love art) is how to combine science and travel. I have two words: Science Museums! We love them, we visit them whenever we can, and we have such fun.

Find Lost River and Explore New Hampshire’s Heritage


A trip to Kinsman Notch, the Western-most notch of the White Mountains, is a place of many surprises. What exactly is a notch? A notch is a mountain pass- a gap between mountain peaks- that is u-shaped, from a lobe of the continental glacier, plowing to the southeast, scouring the rock in its path.

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