Easy Japanese Recipe: Chicken Katsu

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Apr 24, 2020 /
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One of our family's very favorite Japanese recipes is an adaptation of Tonkatsu (pork cutlets), which we make with Chicken. I first had these while I was living in Japan, and after that, had them several times a week!

Easy Japanese Recipe: Chicken Katsu

It is a very easy recipe, and is so very tasty!

Michigan's Small Town Treasures: The Craziest Festival in Michigan’s Thumb

by Julie Royce / Jun 21, 2017 /
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If you only have time for one small-town festival this summer and you want it to be filled with enough silliness to make you forget all the serious stuff going on in your life, consider the Annual "Cheeseburger in Caseville"  Festival. It is too big for a weekend and runs every year in August. As you reach the city limits, you’ll be greeted by more pink flamingos than flock anywhere else north of Miami as the small beach town of Caseville morphs into Key North.

Moments to Not Vacation With Your Family

by Brianna Krueger / Jun 24, 2016 /
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Vacation. What a wonderful thing. Family. What a blessing. Vacationing with family? It should be wonderful blessing. It’s a time to relax with your loves ones. So why am I suddenly thinking I don’t want to vacation with them? 

Three Tows to Shore: Misadventures on Lake Huron

by Brianna Krueger / Sep 14, 2015 /
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Everyone on the boat – Check. Enough life jackets – After a minor delay, Check. Gas – Check. Already completed half the trip – Check.

Three Tows to Shore: Misadventures on Lake Huron

Yes, You Should Vacation With Your Extended Family

by Brianna Krueger / Aug 10, 2015 /
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Recently, articles have been popping up about whether you should vacation with your extended family, and the answer is a big, fat YES! Whether your family is close and already does it, or you barely know your cousins and think of them as strangers. You should vacation with your extended family, because something special happens when you do.

Blood Pudding & Baby Volcanoes

by Marion Robinson / Jan 15, 2011 /

Eating Anemones and Saving Face in Japan

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / May 15, 2010 /
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During college, I worked for a year at an international exchange company in Japan. I was lucky enough to live with host families, and learned about Japanese culture – and myself.

Celebrating Easter in Italy with Feasts & Festivals

by Ashley in Italy / Apr 06, 2010 /
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Italian Easter Bread

A supermarket, somewhere in Andalusia

by La Sevillana / Feb 04, 2010 /
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A friend once mocked me with the caustic observation that: “We’re going to rename you Paciencia [patience].” The friend, my husband and I had returned to Seville after an afternoon in the countryside to find that the radiator in the car we had borrowed from my in-laws was hemorrhaging coolant.

Felices Fiestas in Sevilla

by La Sevillana / Dec 03, 2009 /
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Sevillanos love tradition. Most are dedicated to keeping their beloved city as it always has been. Nevertheless, despite the tenacity of Sevillanos in retaining their traditions, even Sevilla, like all cultures and the places that embody them, is changing. In one of those amazing contradictions that I continually discover here, it is in the celebration of two very traditional holidays that this change is most apparent: Christmas and Three Kings’ Day.