Do MBT Shoes Really Work?

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Update: MBT Shoes Reviews


MBT Shoes are a unique rocker bottom fitness shoe that have been found to help with many physical ailments, ranging from weight loss to lower back pain.  They are also very poplar with people who are on their feet all day.

Cross-Cultural Resources

My job is to coach people on expatriate and cross-cultural matters.  Success and happiness while abroad and out of your own “element” is what we focus on in coaching.  Over the years, as I worked with client after client, I began to notice something — those clients who came to a country with a foundation of a cross-cultural training fared better in their levels of stress and frustration than those who came without it.


High Sierra Sport Luggage

We've been searching and searching for the best luggage for our trip to Ireland and Scotland. I was overwhelmed by the great amount of choices, and a little confused as to quality of all the luggage we'd been looking at. THEN I found High Sierra Sport. I can't tell you how pleased I am - well, you'll see in the video below. We got two bags from the ATGO line - they are lightweight (always important), durable, and have TONS of innovative functionality. The Carryon Business Upright can hold my laptop, and there are tons of pockets.

Footwear etc.: The World's Leading Comfort Shoe Retailer

Footwear etc. specializes in comfort shoes of all kinds (dress, casual, and sport shoes). They are an authorized retailer for most of the top comfort shoe brands (such as Clarks, Naot, Mephisto, Dansko, Finn Comfort, and over 32 other brands), and have the largest selection of authentic MBT Shoes and BeautiFeel Shoes than anyone.

Dansko Shoes Review

Dankso Shoes - Dansko Clogs, Dansko Professional Clogs, Dansko Sandals, and more - are known worldwide as extremely comfortable footwear that fits true to size.

Worn by teachers, flight crews, doctors, nurses, chefs - people who are on their feet all day love Dansko Shoes. The most popular Dansko shoes are the Professional Clogs. Dansko has a full line of footwear, for men, women, and children, including sandals, boots, and hip-looking shoes.

ExOfficio: Our Recommended Travel Clothing Company

We're so very happy to share an extraordinary travel clothing company with you today. We've searched far and wide for a company that we would feel comfortable recommending to our Wandering Educators. We've tried many travel clothing companies and been disappointed in service, quality, and durability of the clothing. 


Sunrise Pashmina

Here at Wandering Educators, we are sometimes happy to recommend global apparel. I've found an incredible Nepalese company that makes the most extraordinary handloomed Pashmina, called Sunrise Pashmina. These Pashmina are so very beautiful - and the story behind Sunrise is pretty cool, too.

Why Ugg Boots are the Top-Selling Fall Boots

Warm. Lightweight. Stylish. Hip. You buy Ugg Boots to stay warm - while you look cool.

Dansko Clogs Review

One of my very favorite shoe brands is Dansko Footwear. I know, you've heard lots about Dansko - how comfortable they are, how long-lasting. Take a look at the footwear next time you visit a hospital - most of the doctors and nurses wear them for their long shifts. Not heading to a hospital? Look at chefs - many of them wear Dansko clogs, as well. Anyone on their feet all day long can benefit from wearing Dansko shoes.

There's a reason for my loyalty. Let me tell you about my experiences...