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Book Review: An Irish Experience



Book Review: The Plane to Lisbon

Here at Wandering Educators, I am lucky enough to read MANY, many travel books. Each one can take me to a different place in this world, and I always enjoy it. However, few are full of both humor and humility, and able to teach me many things about both different cultures and the nature of humanity. One such book I've recently finished is The Plane to Lisbon: A Travel Memoir, by Nicholas Dan Richie.

Book Review: City of Hamburgers

As a Special Bonus, Inkwater Press has graciously donated a copy of City of Hamburgers - written by Mike Reiss and illustrated by Xeth Feinberg, to be awarded to a randomly drawn commenter on this article.  You must be a member of Wandering Educators to comment. Registration is free.  Post your comments - you might win!



Africa Trek

A few times in your life, if you’re lucky, you read a book that totally changes the way you view the world.  One such book that is life-changing is entitled Africa Trek (actually, two volumes), by Alexandre and Sonia Poussin.


Book Review: Globejotting - a Travel Journaling How to

One of the most difficult things to do while traveling is to capture the essence of your travels. For some of us, we take photos and try to remember that way. For others, travel journaling is the way to remember. Yet others just live, and remember.  None of these ways is wrong - but there is always a better way to do anything, isn't there?

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