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An Insider’s Guide to Bermuda: How to Speak Bermudian

Although Bermuda is a proud British territory located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 800 miles off the coast of South Carolina, USA, its unique accent might have visitors scratching their heads. Bermudian accents are a mix of British, Southern American, and Caribbean. The sound of it is something that is hard to forget.


World Traveling Teen Teaches English


My family and I have been traveling through the United States and Europe for the past six years. Through these travels, we have met all kinds of unique and interesting people. When I was eight years old, I met Zoe Evans. We became instant friends and she is one of the coolest people I know. She has become someone I can look up to, and I am truly inspired by her!

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The Benefits of Multicultural Interaction for Young People


When you’re learning a different language from that of your native tongue, it is extremely easy to remain well within your comfort zone.


The English Language


Living as an American in England

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