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Photographer of the Month: Joe Mack

One look at the images our photographer of the month, Joe Mack, takes, and you're transported...moved to different places, times, and views. I love his eye - he catches details that aren't usually seen - a cemetery in France, greenness on the High Line.

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Artist of the Month: Thomas Schaller

Thomas Schaller’s watercolor technique is highly influenced by his architectural background. You can see this in not only the many classical architectural elements he paints, but also by the technical control he has over the medium itself.

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Artist of the Month: San Merideth

Warmth, Earth, Dryness, Sun, Coolness and Heat.

Crisp, wide, calm, fleeting, sweet.

These are words that come to me when I look at San's paintings.

I can feel those paintings, they have a physical effect on me, like stepping into a hot bath, when you are really cold, feeling Goosebumps all over your body.

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Photographer of the Month: Hillary Fox

Hillary Fox is a photographer, author, and educator. Originally from Detroit, she can now be found, in between her globe-spanning adventures, residing near the canals of Amsterdam. Hillary's subject matter ranges from stock photography to fine art, arid mid-west to urban decay, and all points between, making her a diversely experienced professional with keen insight into numerous styles.

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Artist of the Month: Malik Benchikh

Malik Benchikh paints moods!

In some cases, this French painter’s work is dark and stormy with sharp, purposeful brushstrokes, while other paintings show light and colorful pieces with lyrical brushstrokes. In both cases, he means business and absolutely allows part of himself to flow upon the surface. He gives up a bit of himself in each painting.  

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Artist of the Month: Elizabeth Witcher

Eyes wide open looking for the truth, no sugarcoating, heads thrown back in passionate gestures. Vulnerable nakedness.

Long-fingered hands. Sensitivity drawn with fine nervous lines. Tense bodies, black ink on white paper, they look as if moved by raw emotions. Relaxed bodies, dreamlike shapes in violet, the color of spirituality.


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