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Roaring Forties Press is an innovative publishing company dedicated to the proposition that books can be smart and stylish. Focusing on travel and the arts, our books are designed to open our readers' eyes, literally and metaphorically.

Book Review: A Journey into Matisse's South of France

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A Journey into Matisses’s South of France by Laura McPhee
Hong Kong:  Roaring Forties Press, 2006.

Book Review: A Journey into Dorothy Parker's New York

Literary Travel Book Review: A Journey into Dorothy Parker's New York, by Kevin Fitzpatrick


Kevin Fitzpatrick has recreated for us the jazz and bootleg New York of the legendary grand dame of the 1920’s, Dorothy Parker, and her life, into the
political 1950’s.

Readers will enjoy the many quotes in this book, from zany to sad: “…as only New Yorkers know, if you can get through the twilight, you’ll live through the night.”

Book Review: A Journey into Flaubert's Normandy

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Gustave Flaubert is considered one of the greatest Western writers (who among us hasn't read Madame Bovary?), due to his love of - and search for - finding the right words to express himself.  I recently read an incredible book about Flaubert - and, importantly - about Normandy and his sense of place and home. 

Book Review: A Journey into Steinbeck's California

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One of the very best books I've ever read is featured here in our Book Review this week. Published by Roaring Forties Press and authored by Susan Shillinglaw, A Journey into Steinbeck's California is a treasure. Full of gorgeous photos by Nancy Burnett, artwork of the times, photos of Steinbeck's contemporaries,  and in-depth sidebars of places, people, and events, this book delves deeply into Steinbeck and California.

Chapters include: