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Tiny Bear Explores Big Questions in the Amazon!

How can the Amazon, which holds 1/5 of all of the world’s fresh water, have a lack of clean, drinkable water? This is just one of the questions an intrepid bear named Bella set out to answer during her Amazon Adventure!

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Chucking It All: A Tale of Living in Orkney


There are special places which capture our imagination – and we dream and dream of being there. Tuscany, Fiji, Provence, Iceland, the Orkney Islands. There are books written by people who have moved to these places, which tell of the travails of settling in, of intercultural adjustment and learning to be a local.

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Top Beaches to visit in South Africa


South Africa is a coastal wonderland with endless kilometres of shoreline as it fronts both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Beaches abound resulting in a nation that mostly spends its holidays along the beachfront, given the great weather on offer and the superb quality of the country’s beaches.

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100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go

Remember those history books of yore, when it was all you could do to scan a page without dozing off? But since we’ve grown up and read more, we’ve realized that history is incredible – a treasure trove that dives into EVERY subject we’re interested in (and many we’re not).

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Street Food in Mongolia


Wandering Educators: I saw this post on street food in Mongolia, and knew it would be a perfect match for your interests (and travels). I asked the UB Post if we could republish it; indeed as you can see, they said yes.

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Last days of my vacation in Sweden this year


Here are some more summer pictures from Sweden. The first photos are from Luleå. The boy is my son, Runar, and he is trying his sister's camera for the first time, and he enjoyed take pictures!


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