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Outdoor Adventures

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Thailand Close Up


Traveling is an excuse to look at the world with new eyes. What’s different? What’s the same? It’s easy to get distracted by the big differences such as language, architecture, or dress. Training ourselves or our kids to look for the little interesting details is a challenge.

What sort of little detail?

Going on a Blind Date in the Amazon

Standing on the banks of the Sucasari River as dusk began to settle around me, I strained to hear the sound of approaching boats over the cacophony of rainforest insects and frogs.  


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Driving Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way


2,400 kilometers of the most beautiful drive in the world – where are you? In Ireland, of course! Stretching from Donegal to Cork, the Wild Atlantic Way is a scenic drive like no other.

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Through the Eyes of an Educator: East African Safaris (Tanzania & Kenya)

I had no idea that I wanted to be a teacher when I graduated university. Law school was an option, fundraising at not-for-profits was a consideration, event planner was possible, and swim instructor was definite, but teacher was never in the mix.

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The Magic Green Light in Arctic Norway


Oct 20, near where I live. Beautiful aurora borealis - had a great outburst for several hours, and I enjoyed it!! I shot around 400 pics that it!


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One-of-A-Kind Experience: Hangaroa Ecovillage Hotel on Easter Island, Chile


One of the most remote places you can visit on Earth is also one of the most mysterious: Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui in the native language. Dubbed Easter Island when the first Europeans landed here on Easter Day 1722, the island is the most isolated inhabited place on earth – farther from the next piece of land than any other settled place on our planet.

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