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How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane


Have you ever held treasure in your hands? You know, those books that make you laugh out loud throughout the entire book, nod your head in agreement, text best friends great lines, and induce a flurry of both written and oral recommendations on book sites and in person?

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Lessons I Learned On Vacation with My Dad

Every month, since I started writing for Wandering Educators, I ask my dad what he thinks of my article. It borders between ‘loved it’ and ‘not your best’. The ‘not your best’ always bugs me because when I ask why, the response is ‘it’s just not your best.’ Gee, thanks. I couldn’t figure that out from your first statement.


Food: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


My mouth is watering as I write this. Food is something I love to experiment with, although most times I end up burning it to the bottom of a pan. I made charcoal out of soup once! Oh well…

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Miscommunication: The Joy of the Family Vacation

When 15 people come together for a vacation, you expect a little bit of miscommunication. But when you divide those 15 people into 4 related families, you expect a decent amount of communication. After all, 4 of those people are brothers and sisters.

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Catacombs to Die For!


While visiting Paris, my brother was reading The 39 Clues series by Rick Riordan. Conveniently, he was reading book one of the series, titled The Maze of Bones. In the book, the main characters go to the Paris Catacombs. They find some bones which have numbers on them to lead them to the next clue.

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The Flight from Hell

Everyone complains about plane ticket prices. Nobody wants to pay $700, your arm, your leg, and your firstborn to fly, no matter where you’re going to. It’s not like you even get a free lunch bag like you used to, filled with a sandwich and Pepperidge Farm chessmen cookies.


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