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How to Study Abroad Like Everybody Else


You've flipped through a number of program brochures, talked briefly with your study abroad advisor, and are starting to get a little excited about the possibility of studying abroad for a semester in college. Now's the time to choose where you'll go and daydream what it will be like to live independently in a foreign country.

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Why footballers should love their job


Most people as a kid wanted to be an astronaut, a firefighter, some kind of sports player, a celebrity… But I’m focused on a career that most boys from 7 to 12 want to have: to be a footballer (soccer player).

Life-changing Summit for Girls in Peru

I started the organization, Advice to My Thirteen-Year-Old Self (The Advice Project), to support the empowerment and education of teen girls through a series of workshops and classes for teen girls at schools and community centers in New York City.

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Job Postings: University of Trinidad and Tobago


Title: Professor of Process/Chemical Engineering
Department: Process Engineering
Institution: The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)
Date Posted: Jun. 5, 2014
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Why Become a Marine Biologist?


I give the okay signal and roll back off the boat; the water engulfs me. Submerging below the ocean surface, I become one with the sea. With slow steady strokes from my fins pushing me forward, and the loud reassuring sound of the dive regulator filling my lungs with oxygen, I am able to take in all of the reef’s ecosystem.

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Job Posting: Associate Professorship in Social Anthropology, University of Copenhagen


Title: Associate Professorship in Social Anthropology
Department: Faculty of Social Sciences -- Department of Anthropology
Institution: University of Copenhagen
Date Posted: May 2, 2014
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