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Artist of the Month: Tim O'Neill

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I've got a great artist to share with you! Our April Artist of the Month is Tim O'Neill. You'll remember his extraordinary art from a previous interview we did with him, here.   The colors in Tim's art draw you in, and the gorgeousness of the paintings keep you there. We were lucky enough to sit down and talk with Tim again, about his art, inspiration, creativity, and more. Here's what he had to say...






WE: Please tell us about your art...

TO: My art is a unique combination of traditional media and digital processes. While some people term this as photo painting that seems to have a negative connotation. I use several different art software applications like photoshop, Corel Painter, ArtRage and others with a wacom tablet and stylus to paint my images.  Once I print them on canvas or watercolor paper I embellish with traditional media. Normally I work in oils, watercolor or pastel.It is almost a collage type of approach combining centuries old techniques with the fresh new digital media. I still create birchromate and platinum prints as well as some experimental hand coating processes. The bulk of my work though is digital painting.


Elises Noodles

Elises Noodles



WE:  How/when did you start becoming an artist?

TO: I loved to draw even as a kid. Doodling was a favorite pastime instead of paying attention to the boring (at the time) scholastic studies in history or geography. Most of my homework was adorned with cartoons, racecars or superhero drawings much to the consternation of my teachers. I really did not enjoy art classes in High School because I found rules limiting and having to produce the same thing as everyone else seemed boring. The blending of fine art forms and photography began in a job I had in highschool. My boss and mentor was an artist  and taught me the commercial application of the art world. We created beautiful gum bichromate and platinum prints and I found the combinative possibilities of hand coating emulsions for a photographic process to be intoxicating. It had just the right mixture of art and science for me. As digital art continues grow I find myself coming full cirlce. It is the combination of a photographic process with a hand process that intrigues me.


I Miss You Daddy

I Miss You Daddy



WE: What do you draw inspiration from?

TO: I am old school that way and perhaps a tad boring to some. My inspiration usually comes from snippets of daily life with my family and capturing the simplicity of a slow paced life in the plains of Nebraska. The gift of "seeing" and a greatful heart are a few of the blessings I have been bestowed with. God reveals the beauty of everyday life in such splendor it is sometimes difficult to capture.


Are You A Hero?

Are You A Hero?



WE:  Where are your favorite places to create art?

TO: I love people so I tend to gravitate to where people are. Oddly I dont like large crowds. I tend to seek out small vignettes of personality that reveal themselves only briefly with most people.



WE:  What do you enjoy creating most?

TO: While I enjoy landcapes and cityscapes I enjoy portraiture the most. Again I think it is because I am so drawn to people and want to know their story. Trying to uncover the various masks that we all put on daily is a joyous part of that process. Revealing the individuality that has been buried because of status, pride, or social mores half of the fun.


Sunday Night Read

Sunday Night Read



WE: How can readers find and purchase your art?

TO: I do have some originals and prints available at I recently have begun to be more diligent in painting for passion. That is, I am taking less commissioned work and am seeking out projects or subjects I have been waiting to work with. It has taken my work in a whole new direction and leads to a more impressionistic type of portrait.



WE: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

TO: Our studio just partnered with the Digital Art Academy.  The Academy is online educational resource that teaches artist of all levels various digital art techniques. It is a great fit for me and a venue that I can share my passion for art with many more people. The teaching staff at the Academy are gifted and love to find new ways to do old things. Thank-you for your time and allowing me to share.



WE: Thanks so much, Tim, for sharing your art and inspiration!

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Feature photo: Indian Joe

All photos courtesy and copyright of Tim O'Neill.

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