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Makes One (1): Mini Family Reunion


Makes One (1): Mini Family Reunion

Take gray skies, green fields, and a biting wind. Plop in one warm, cozy cottage. Next, pile on several copious servings of home-baked strawberry rhubarb pie and stacks of old china plates. Add one family with soft Irish brogue and place on a handful of kitchen chairs and squashy sofas interspersed with quite a few dusty rugs.


Irish countryside family reunion


Stir in several years’ worth of chatter and stories, and pierce with the shrill whistle of an ancient kettle. Scatter with memories and a dash of wood smoke. Douse the entire mixture in a few (dozen) gallons of herbal tea and let sit for a few hours.


You now have the makings of a comfortable afternoon family reunion in the Irish countryside. 


Irish countryside family reunion





Kathryn Blanco is a member of the Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program


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