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Be Our Guest


While visiting Disney World, step into the Beast’s castle from the Beauty and the Beast movie. Be Our Guest is located in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park, and serves French-inspired fare to guests. During lunch, castle servants hand out rose – shaped buzzers and guide you to electronic screens where royal guests place their order. For a formal dinner, royal guests will be guided to their tables.


Be Our Guest, Disney World


Be Our Guest, Disney World


Be Our Guest, Disney World



After a walk through a hall of audio-animatronic suits of armor chatting amongst themselves, select a dining room. Choices include the Ballroom, West Wing, or Rose ROom. The Ballroom features shining white and gold walls, floors, and accents. Outside the wall of windows, observe the landscape around the enchanted castle. In the West Wing, worn tapestries and slashed curtains hang from the ceiling. The magic rose glows beneath a glass case and about every 7 minutes, thunder rumbles, lightning flashes, and the portrait of a handsome prince transforms, for an instant, into a fearsome beast. In the Rose Room, paintings hang from the walls and the room features a statue of Belle and the Beast dancing.


Be Our Guest, Disney World


Be Our Guest, Disney World



The menu features food a step above that throughout the rest of the park but still family friendly. Another feature making it unique is that that during dinner, alcohol is served. This is currently the only restaurant in the Magic Kingdom to do so.


Be Our Guest, Disney World



Tip: If you plan on eating dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant, especially if you’re aiming for dinner, BOOK EARLY! People have booked months in advance of the opening. If you're headed there for lunch, plan to wait in line.
Find the full menu here:


Be Our Guest, Disney World







Kathryn Blanco is the Disney Editor for Wandering Educators, and is a student in the Wandering Educators Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program.


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Great article! I've wanted to

Great article! I've wanted to visit the new Fantasy Land ever since it opened. 8D

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